Herbicides that kill only grass:

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you want to Kill grasses only using an herbicide?

If you have found yourself in such a situation you are in the right place.

I clearly remember the day I found myself in this position.

2 weeks earlier, I had planted some yellow beans.

The beans had germinated very well.

In fact, the germination was almost 100%.

But I had a problem.

As the beans grew, grass weeds grew along with them.

“What should I do to remove these nasty grass weeds?”

I asked myself.

Two options were available to me:

  1. Remove the grass weeds by hand tilling—using a hoe or a mechanical hand-weeder,
  2. Spray a selective herbicide that kills only weeds but will not kill the beans.

Option 1 was the organic option.

It did not involve the use of any chemicals.

However, my bean farm was 4 acres.

It was impossible for me to use a hand hoe to remove all the grass weeds.

Doing that would be extremely taxing, take a lot of time, and very expensive if I were to hire labor.

The most economic option was to use herbicides that kill grasses only.

Herbicides That kill Only Grass in Beans:

I had to find a solution that would solve this problem where grass weeds had invaded my bean farm.

After doing extensive online search, I found out two herbicides that you can use to kill grasses only.

And I am excited to share them here.

The first herbicide that kills grasses only in Beans is…


Selective herbicide for beans for broad leafed weeds

Forester 150 EC by Greenlife Kenya

FORESTER 150 EC contains –Fluazifop-p-butyl as its active ingredient.

This active ingredient is what makes FORESTER 150 EC a selective phenoxy herbicide used for post emergence control of annual and perennial grass weeds.

It is very safe for broad leaf crops such as soybean, peanut, cotton, oil palm, citrus, vegetable, etc.

When you spray the herbicide on grasses, they quickly absorb it through the leaf surface and green stems and immediately translocated throughout the plant.

The herbicide then accumulates at growing points of the grasses, both above ground and in the roots, rhizomes, and stolon.

One amazing thing about this herbicide is its effectiveness.

After you spray it on grass weeds, they stop growing within 48 hours.

Though the grass may still look green, 48 hours after using it, the most important thing is that it has stopped growing.

You’ll see the first symptoms that indicate the grass has died.

Expect to observe the following:

  • Growing points turn brown and rot;
  • shoot tips can be easily pulled out after two to three weeks.
  • Young leaves turn yellow or redden soon after, but more mature leaves may remain green for extended periods.

Within 3-5 weeks after use of FORESTER, all grass weeds will be completely killed.

You can also use FORESTER in

  • Groundnuts,
  • Cotton,
  • Tobacco,
  • Tomatoes,
  • Peppers,
  • Cucurbits,
  • Brassicas
  • And other vegetable crops.

Grasses That FORESTER 150 EC Controls/ Kills:

  • Annual Grasses
  1. Barnyardgrass
  2. Crabgrass (Digitaria spp)
  3. Fall panicum
  4. Giant foxtail
  5. Yellow foxtail
  6. Italian ryegrass
  7. Junglerice
  8. Shattercane
  9. Southern sandbur
  10. Volunteer cereals
  11. Wild proso millet
  12. Wolly cupgrass


  • Perennial Grasses
  1. Bermudagrass
  2. Rhizome johnsongrass
  3. Couch
  4. Kikuyu grass
Fusilade Forte Herbicide that kills only Grass in Beans and various other vegetables

Fusilade Forte

FUSILADE FORTE® 150EC is a superior post emergence grass weed herbicide which is used in fruits and vegetables.

For best results, apply Fusilade Forte when weeds are between 2- 8 leaf stage.

Advantages of Using This Herbicide that Kills Grasses:

  • Optimal penetration hence giving immediate kill of all grass weeds.
  • Economical – gives all season grass weed control eliminating the need for manual weeding.
  • Eliminates competition hence higher yields.

LUMAX 537. 5SE ® For Killing Grasses in Maize and Sugarcane

LUMAX® 537.5SE is a herbicide for pre and post- emergence control of grasses and broad leaf weeds in maize and sugarcane.

  • Unique product, with one application rate for broad spectrum weed control.
  • Safe on all varieties of maize and ratoon sugarcane.
  • Flexible application timing pre – or post – emergence of both the weed and the crop.
  • Outstanding long lasting weed control.
Lumax herbicide for controlling grasses in maize and sugarcane

KRISMAT ® For Killing Grasses in Maize and Sugarcane

KRISMAT® 75WG A new broad-spectrum, post-emergence herbicide setting a new standard for weed control in sugarcane For control of grass weeds and broad leaf weeds

  • Suppression of sedges with full control through yearly applications.
  • Broad spectrum, post – emergence control over a large application window (early to late post emergence)
  • Use as stand alone post – emergence product.
  • Less weeds escapes than other products.
Krismat herbicide for controlling grass in sugarcane

SERVIAN For Killing Grasses In Sugarcane

SERVIAN® 75WG is a selective early post-emergence herbicide for control of yellow nutsedge, purple nutsedges and certain broadleaf weeds in barley, wheat, maize and sugarcane.

  • Best and only control of Nutsedges and Oxalis.
  • Selective on Barley, Wheat, maize and Sugarcane
  • Rate: 5gm/knapsack    * use with an adjuvant.
Sevian a selective herbicide for controlling grasses in wheat, barley, sugarcane and wheat


TOPIK® 080EC is a post-emergence wheat herbicide for control of annual grasses like love grass (Setaria spp.), wild oats (Avena spp.), wild finger millet (Eleusine indica), Guinea grass (Panicum maximum) among others.

  • Effective control for main grass weeds in Wheat.
  • Wide application period and low application rate
Topic herbicide for killing grass only