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Herbicides to Use on Kale For Amazing Profits and Time Savings

Herbicides to use on Kale:
If you’ve decided to grow kale for commercial purposes, you need to think of how to
• Reduce cost of production
• Get more yields
• And earn more profits.
To achieve these objectives, you have to critically think of how you’ll manage weeds in your Sukuma wiki farm.
You can decide to control weeds through hand tillage using a hoe or…
Through the use of herbicides.
Both of these methods of weed control have their advantages and disadvantages.
When it comes to hand weeding, you don’t use any chemicals.
However, its major disadvantage is, “It is labor intensive thus unsuitable for large kale farms.”
Assuming that you have a kale farm that is 3+ acres, you have no option for weed control other than using herbicides.
This post gives you exclusive tips on herbicides to use on kale so that you save time and make more profits.
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Herbicides That Kill Only Grass Best in Kenya

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you want to Kill grasses only using an herbicide?
If you have found yourself in such a situation you are in the right place.
I clearly remember the day I found myself in this position.
2 weeks earlier, I had planted some yellow beans.
The beans had germinated very well.
In fact, the germination was almost 100%.
But I had a problem.
As the beans grew, grass weeds grew along with them.
“What should I do to remove these nasty grass weeds?”
I asked myself.
Two options were available to me…
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How to Apply Post-Emergence Herbicides for Weed-Free Farm

Learn when to apply post-emergence herbicides to keep your garden weed-free. Timing is crucial; early spring, late spring, and early fall are prime moments to target those pesky weeds. Choose young, vigorous weeds for maximum impact, but avoid extremely hot or dry weather. With proper timing and application, you’ll have a lush, vibrant garden year-round. Don’t forget to consult the herbicide label for specific instructions to ensure success in your weed-fighting journey.

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Selective Herbicide for Beans in Nigeria: Check it out!

I’ve been getting lots of inquiries from Nigerians for the last 6 months on…
“Which selective herbicide for beans in Nigeria do they use.”
This is in response to a post that I wrote on beansclean herbicide in Kenya.
I embarked on a research that will blow you away if you are a Nigerian interested in a selective bean herbicide.
The research uncovered a herbicide similar to beansclean that you can find in your own country.
Check out this post for details,

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Herbicide For Beans In Kenya, USA & World: Weed Management In Beans

Do you want to grow beans and use herbicides for Weeding but you are not sure how to go about it?
This post is advice based on the personal experience of one bean farmer with herbicides.
He used Roundup (non selective herbicide) during land clearing and Bentazone (selective herbicide) after his beans had germinated.
He got amazing results that he couldn’t imagine.
This is his story…

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