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How to Prune Watermelon for Profit

I clearly remember the first time I grew watermelon like yesterday. When I remember how naïve I was… I find myself almost shedding tears because I had to learn the hard way. Before growing watermelon, I was growing maize, beans, sorghum, millet. The crops above are wonderful crops. In fact, you can make a decent living by growing them However, all of them have once similarity. If you carefully consider all the crops I have mentioned above, none of them requires pruning. All of them produce handsome yields, if they get the right management—without any pruning. So when I ventured into growing watermelon, I took the experience of growing beans, maize, sorghum and millet to watermelon. And boy…I failed terribly. None of the watermelon grew to be over 4 kilos. Most of them were 3 kilos or less. So I wondered… How is it that other farmers are getting fruits weighing 9-15 kilos, while I can barely get fruits that weigh 4 kilos. This outcome disturbed me for a long time. I saw myself as a failure—and I almost vowed to never-ever grow watermelon again. Check out this post to find out how pruning make me get big watermelon fruits

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