How long does Passion Fruit Take To Grow:

I f you are thinking of growing passion fruit, this is a question you’ll want answered.


By understanding how long it takes passion fruit to start fruiting, you will be able to:

  1. Determine whether passion fruit farming is a Profit making Venture or NOT,
  2. Come up with a production plan,
  3. Know how long it will take before you get your first CASH from your investment and hard work.

Based on my experience growing passion, it will take 8-16 months.

This may seem like a long time to wait before you get your FIRST harvest.

But it is not.

When you get busy growing passion fruit, this time period flies away like a butterfly!

That’s why I want to…

explain to you the exact details for shortening the growth period of passion fruit to 8 Months

So that you can start getting lots of passion fruits sooner instead of later.

If this seems like a good idea and you’ve answered yes…continue reading

And you’ll be surprised by the information contained here.

It is super juicy for it will help you become a profitable passion fruit farmer faster than other farmers without this info.

My bet is, “You won’t find it elsewhere on the internet.”

For I reveal exclusive tricks to shorten the passion fruit growth period from 16 months to 8 months…

So that you start earning returns from your passion fruit MUCH-MUCH faster.


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8 month old Passion fruit Already Giving Fruit

How long does passion fruit take to grow

Begin Earning Sooner When you Grow Early maturing Passion fruit!

“Money loves speed.”

That’s a quote from Dr. Joe Vitales book…

“Money loves Speed: From Stress to Success: Revealing The 8 Laws of Attracting Money Fast.”

However, I am not here to discuss Joe’s book.

The idea I want to pass across is…

“Time is of essence in any endeavor.”

This includes growing passion fruit.”

The sooner you get make the plants fruit, the more money you make From passion fruit farming.

That’s why it makes sense to know, “How long does passion fruit take to grow”…

And how shorten the growth of passion fruit, when nature has set its maturity as 18 months.

To achieve this objective, there are some tricks you could use.

Surprisingly, it was Jesus who taught humans this trick.

To understand it, we have to start from the beginning and look at…

A man admiring his 8 month old Passion fruit

how long doe it take passion fruit to mature

Passion Fruit Growing Stages and Shortening Growth Period So That You can Get Fruit Sooner

In a previous post Titled: Passion Fruit Growing Stages, I explain FULL details of the growth stages of passion fruit.

You, can read the details about them by following the link above.

But briefly passion fruit goes through 6 growth stages:

  1. Seed stage
  2. Seedling stage
  3. Juvenile stage
  4. Maturity stage
  5. Fruiting stage
  6. Senescence stage

Know what happens at these stages and you’ll move a step closer to becoming a profitable passion fruit farmer.

Let me explain:

The passion plant grows for a specific amount of time at each of these stages.

Let us take the example of the seed stage.

At this stage, the seed is dormant. It is in a state of rest.

One may be fooled to believe that a passion fruit seed is dead.

However, the contrary is true.

It is alive, but in a deep sleep just waiting for the right conditions for growth for it to wake up and start to grow.

Passion fruit Seeds can go dormant for over 6 months, before they start growing again.

But there’s something you can do to make the seeds grow within 7 days… thus waking them up from their dormancy.

All you need to do is soak them in water for 24 hours.

Do this to break the dormancy, and when you plant seeds, they should germinate within 7-14 days.

Likewise, the passion plant takes a specific number of days at each stage of growth, and I do not want to go about discussing about te growth stages.

Instead the most important part of this blog is to know…

How to Shorten the Length of Time Passion Fruit Takes to Grow

  Step #1: Start your passion orchard from grafted passion fruit seedlings!

Doing this means you’ll save 60-90 days of passion fruit growth period.

Just imagine–cutting up to 3 months out of the growing season.

Instead of growing through the hassle of:

  • Germinating the passion seeds,
  • Caring for them until they are ready for grafting,
  • Grafting,
  • Waiting for the graft union to heal,

…leave these jobs to the nursery man.

Doing so will save you precious time and will make you get passion fruits harvests sooner.

The other advantages of starting your passion fruit farm from grafted seedlings is:

  • Grafted seedlings are highly resistant to drought and vagaries of weather. This means you’ll spend less in irrigation, pest control and other management costs. That’s not all.
  • Grafted passion plants give 30% more fruit than ungrafted plants.
Step #2: Grow Only Grafted Passion Fruit Plants.

The advantages of grafting are numerous.

However, the most important advantage is that through grafting, the passion plant skips the juvenile stage making it possible to yield fruits faster.

Grafted passion fruit plants give fruits in 8-12 months compared to un-grafted plants that take 15-18 months.

Grafted Passion fruit seedlings
Step # 3: Provide The Right Soil Nutrition and the Right Foliar Feeds.

Doing this helps shorten passion plant growth period because the plant will grow vigorously.

However, there’s once precaution you should consider.

“Don’t over fertilize the passion plants.”

Doing so will make the passion plants produce foliage instead of fruits.

Here is a detailed post explaining the fertilizer requirements of the passion plant.

Check it out for details.

Raingun Sprinkler Does A wonderful Job of Irrigating a Passion Farm
raingusprinkler for passion gruit irrigation to hasten the growth
Step#4: Regular Irrigation Is Absolutely Necessary for the Rapid growth of the Passion Plant.

It is water that carries minerals like calcium, boron, magnesium and many others through the roots into the plant.

Without sufficient water, the plant will start showing deficiency symptoms like:

  • Stunting,
  • Yellowing of leaves…

among others thus curtailing plant growth.

Passion fruit plants respond very well to sprinkler irrigation, and the best sprinkler is raingun sprinkler.

Follow the link to read a real life experience rain gun sprinkler review.

Vegimax plant growth regulator for passion fruit
Step#5 Use Plant Growth Regulators, Flower Inducing Fertilizers to induce The Early Flowering of Passion Fruit

Plant regulators like vegimax induce the early flowering of passion fruits.

However, use growth regulators with care.

Strictly follow application instructions.

Use of excess growth regulators have the opposite effect of slowing flowering so proceed with caution.

Apply foliar feeds containing potassium, boron, magnesium to promote the flowering of passion fruit and stop flower abortion of passion fruit.

bags containing passion fruits ready for the export market
Conclusion and Wrapping It Up.

I hope through this post, I have adequately answered the question,

“How long does passion fruit take to grow?”

What are your thoughts on this?

Share them in the comment Section below!

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