Mexican avocado prices have dropped

Bumper harvests are supposed to result in great earnings!

If only this could be true—then all farmers would make a super profit in times of bumper harvests.

Unfortunately, it’s not.

Avocado farmers supplying the US market find themselves in this situation.

They’ve worked hard in the season, the weather has favored them, and the avocados have yielded fruit but prices have tanked 14%.

Despite this unfortunate development, there is still something to smile about.

Marketing analysts say that the dip in price is only temporary.

As the season progresses, they expect prices to rise steadily and perhaps even match the previous highs.

Mexican Avocado Prices Have Dropped. Why?

Read the quote below by Avocado marketer and you’ll know why.

Americans may be paying more at the grocery store.

Everything from steak and eggs to paper towel and detergent, is expensive.

However, they’re getting a SUPER bargain when it comes to avocados.

The price of avocados is down 14%.

The cause of the drop is a bumper crop in Mexico.

That has made the popular “super fruit,” rich in healthy fats and fiber, even more attractive to consumers.

Rising avocado sales helped the avocado distributor Mission Produce (AVO) turn a profit in the second quarter of $7.4 million, after posting a loss of $14.8 million a year earlier.

Steven Barnard, founder and CEO of the Oxnard, California-based company told Yahoo Finance Live,

“Consumers’ appetite for avocados shows no signs of slowing down.”

“If you look at the consumption rates here in the United States and even in Europe and Asia, we’ve been experiencing double-digit growth,” Barnard said. […]

What are your thoughts?undecided Why do you think has made Mexican avocado prices to drop?