Hydram Pump In Kenya:

Is your farm located near a river, and you are looking for a water pump that will…

  • Provide a consistent amount of water without fail?
  • Not use electricity, petrol, diesel or any fuel to pump water?

If that describes you, then you may need a hydram water pump.

“So what is a hydram water pump?

And how does it differ from the other pumps that use either electricity, diesel, or petrol?

You may ask.

Well a hydram water pump is a zero energy water pump.

It works on hydrostatic water fall pressure to automatically pump water at no commercial cost.

Sounds crazy?

Let me explain:

How a Hydram pump works:

A hydram pump works by using the momentum of falling water to pump a small quantity of water above its source.

The pump is placed below a water source and connected with a pipe called a drive pipe.

Gravity then feeds the water down the drive pipe to a chamber in the pump.

When this happens, the water is then forced out of the outlet pipe at high pressure sufficient for it to travel long distances or even climb great heights.

This happens despite lacking an engine or electric motor to power the water.

Many people are amazed by the efficacy of the pump.

It can propel water over long distances and at great heights that can’t even be imagined.

Without being powered by electric motor, petrol or diesel engine.

Sounds amazing?


That’s not all about the pump…

Other Benefits of the Hydram pump

  • Environmentally friendly as it does not emit noxious gases to the atmosphere as a result of burning of fuel.
  • Highly durable—one can give you a service of over 30 years trouble free water pumping with little or no maintenance required.

That said, let us talk about the cost of the Hydram Pumps

Cost of The Hydram Pump in Kenya

The initial costs of Hydram pumps are quite pricey when you compare them to the costs of an electric, diesel or petrol water pump.

Nevertheless, this fact should not scare you.


  • They are very durable.
  • The pumps are known to outlive all other types of pumps as they are made of thick sturdy metal that lasts for over 30 years.
  • They use no petrol, diesel or electricity. For that reason, in the long run you will spend far less in management and operation costs.

That said, how much does a hydram pump cost in Kenya?

Research from various sources, shows hydram pumps costs between Ksh 60,000-120,000.

It may cost much more depending on its size, design and the amount of liters per hour it pumps.

Despite this pricey costs, one thing I can promise you is “whatever the cost, it will be money well spent!”

There are other costs associated with the hydram pump.

For example

  • Installation costs as this pump has to be secured in a river source.
  • Piping costs (these are required whichever pump you use)
  • Water tank cost (this is where you’ll store the pumped water)
  • Other miscellaneous costs

What’s the amount of water a hydram pump can pump per hour?

Theirs is no straight answer to this question.

As the amount of water the pump can deliver in one hour depends on:

  • Pump design
  • Height of the waterfall
  • Volume of the river
  • And your own personal needs.

Nevertheless, some hydram pumps have been designed to pump thousands of liters of water capable of supplying water to entire cities.

Watch the video below to see such a giant hydram pump in operation!

Design considerations before a Hydram pump is Made

Before the pump is manufactured, the engineer has to visit the site where it will be used.

  • He/she will look at the topography details for example:
    The gradient and length of the waterfall. This is what determines the power of the Ram Pump. The higher/greater the better
  • The vertical height from the lowest point of the waterfall gradient to the point of Delivery. This will determine the size of the pump that suit you.
  • The distance from the possible location of the pump to the Delivery point. This will determine the size of the delivery pipe which may not be constant size in diameter all along
  • The water delivery rate needed. (liters per minutes)

NB: All these factors relate to each other when it comes to making a good Efficient, Reliable Ram pump.

So what are the disadvantages of hydram water pumps?

The pumps have some operational problems that affect their performance.

For example:

  • Intrusion of air into the drive pipe
  • Blockage of the intake or valves with debris
  • In temperate climates, there’s the danger of freezing during winter and bursting of the delivery pipe if pressure is not relieved.

Despite all these disadvantages, the hydram pump is a valuable tool for your irrigation needs.

Try it out today.

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