Indeterminate Tomato Varieties:

Here below is the complete list of indeterminate tomato varieties in Kenya:

Tomato VarietyYield Per AcreFruit Shelf LifeFruit WeightFruit ShapeDays to Maturity after TransplantingSold By
Chonto F1

12-15kg/square Meter

65 tons/acre

21 days at room temperature150-200 gramsOval75 daysRoyal Seed limited
Bravo F1

10-13kg/Square meter

62 tons/acre

21 days at room temperature120-150 gramsOval75 daysRoyal Seed limited
Mavuno F1

10-11kg/Square meter

60 tons/acre

21 days at room temperature100-130 gramsOval70 daysRoyal Seed limited
Monalisa F1

15kg/Square meter


21 days at room temperature95-100 gramsOval70 daysRoyal Seed limited
Samantha F1

12-14 kg/Square Meter

55 tons/acre

21 days at room temperature95 gramsOval60-70 daysRoyal Seed limited
1722 F175-80 tons/acreGood shelf life150-170 gramsFlat round80-85 daysHygrotech
Star 908215 kilos/plantExcellent shelf life Oval75 daysStarke Ayes Kenya
Maxim F170-80 tons/acreExcellent shelf life95-100 gramsOval65-70 daysContinental seeds Kenya
Eva F170-80 tons/acreExcellent shelf life150-170 gramsOval90 daysAmiran Kemya


Star 9065 F1 tomato Variety In Kenya