Avocado Irrigation:

Avocado irrigation is the solution to farmers who have farms in areas that receive little rainfall.

Through irrigation, even low potential areas can become major producers of Hass avocado.

In fact, avocado grown in drier areas is sweeter and oiler than that grown in high rainfall areas

In an ideal situation, avocado treees require 25-35 litres of water per week.

so if you have one acre of avocado that has 150 trees, you will need 3,750-5250 liters of water.

That said, Let us get to what brought you here:

You wanted to know how to irrigate avocado trees successfully…¬†


When You watch this Video On Avocado Irrigation you will:

  • Know the key indicators on when to irrigate
  • How to irrigate effectively
  • Timing for irrigation. Best time to irrigate is early morning or late in the evening. doing so will help you reduce water loss due to evaporation.

Here is a qoute from one expert:

  • “The best time to irrigate is in the early morning hours and /or late evening. Watering during the day can be wasteful due to evaporation.
    Avocados require 8000-9000m3 per Ha for the whole year, including water supply from rain.
    The avocado trees have varied moisture requirement in amount depending on the prevailing physiological stage.
    Aspects/stages directly influenced by optimal water regime on avocados include; Flowering, fruit set, fruit drop fruit sizing and fruit quality.
    In central region, 50-60m3 suffices to supply adequate moisture to 1Ha of avocados in a 2 week cycle of irrigation in dry periods.
    In a week, 50-75 litres being applied per tree will supply adequate moisture to support the tree during peak demands.

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