Kale seedlings for sale:

Are you searching for a suitable supplier for kale seedlings?

Do you need kale seedlings that you can use to:

  1. Plant in your kitchen garden so that you can take advantage of the coming rains?
  2. Start out your kale farm for commercial production?
  3. Grow Sukuma wiki in sack, bag or gunia for your daily needs?

If that describes you, then you’ve come to the right place.

We have amazing Sukuma wiki and kale seedlings for your needs.

Kale seedlings for sale in Kenya

 “What is the Cost of Your Kale Seedlings?” You May Ask.

Well our Kale seedlings are very affordable.

One Kale seedling sells for KES 2, for the Kale southern Georgia and “The thousand headed variety”, and KES 3 for the Mfalme F1 kale seedlings.

How to Order for Your Kale Seedlings and Payment Method

Ordering for your seedlings is a simple straightforward process.

  1. Call/WhatsApp Haron on 0715609418 or 0739719879.
  2. Discuss with him the number of seedlings you need, your shipping method/ courier service/ shuttle bus
  3. Then pay your order plus the cost of shipping through the MPESA Paybill below.
  4. Wait for  delivery of your seedlings by the next day.
Pay for your kale seedlings using this MPESA Paybill
minimum amount of kale seedlings you can buy

The Minimum Amount of Seedlings you can Purchase

To make it economical for you to buy kale seedlings, and me to sell seedlings, there’s a minimum number of seedlings set per order.

It is set at 700 Kale seedlings per order.

At this number it will be economical for you to grow kale in your farm or garden.

Let me explain:

Imagine you order 30 Kale seedlings.

They will cost you 60 shillings if you need kale southern Georgia or the A thousand headed variety.

If you need the Kale Mfalme F1, it will cost you a little more at KES 90.

Let us now think of the costs of shipping those seedlings to you.

According to experience, the least amount for shipping is KES 400.

We will end up using 400 shillings to ship a product that costs KES 90 shillings.

The same shipping cost can ship a product 35 times bigger i.e. (The 700 seedlings order)

Am I Guaranteed of the Delivery of the Seedlings Once Payment is Made?

Yes. We will be in constant communication until you receive your package.

In case of any damages, of loss of package, we undertake to replace the loss or to refund back your money.

Our MPESA Paybill is a company account where the directors guarantee customers that they will promptly fulfill ALL customer orders they receive.

Delivery of Kale seedlings guaranteed once payment is made
Delivery/shipping Method of the Seedlings

The delivery method depends on customer’s choice.

This will depend on the convenience of the customer.

How Old Are the Kale Seedlings?

The seedlings are 25-30 days old—which is the right age for transplanting kale seedlings.

We’ve made sure that they are properly hardened thus ready for transplanting to the farm environment.

Conclusion and summary:

Order your kale seedlings today. And they will be delivered PAP!

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