Kari Avocado Seedlings has been a popular query on the internet of late.

I guess it’s because many more Kenyans are interested in earning a very good living from Avocado farming.

That’s why we provide you with this info so that you can find the right avocado seedlings for your farm.


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Start A Profitable Orchard Today With Our Hass Avocado Seedling

Begin harvesting your fruit in 2 1/2 to 3 years and earn income sooner from our Grafted Hass Avocado Seedlings cool

Seedlings are 8-9 months old, hardened, resistant to drought and adverse weather thus require little maintainace.

Get 25-30 shillings from each fruit you sell while exporters are fighting to buy them from you.

Lack of market, and little income from farming will be a thing of the past

Hurry and take advantage of this opportunity today!

Here are some facts about Kari…

Kari, also known as KALRO, has been on the forefront promoting agriculture in Kenya.

The organization has had a long history of research into the production of various horticultural produce.

From mango, to Hass avocado, plums, pears, just to mention a few.

And from the look of things, they have done a good job fulfilling their mandate.

No wonder people associate avocado farming with Kari.

Here is a quote from their website that shows their long history with research:

“Horticultural research dates back to 1947, when research on temperate fruits (pears, plums, peaches and grapes was established at the National pyrethrum and Horticultural research center Molo. This was followed by the establishment of the national Horticultural station NHRS Thika, in 1957, Under the ministry of agriculture.”


To learn more about Kari Avocado seedlings, here is the link to KALRO prodcuts page.

They sell Avocados in three  locations namely:

    • Kitale,
    • Thika
    • and Kisii.

If you are out of these locations, you might want to try our avocado seedlings.

We sell grafted Hass avocado seedlings at an affordable price of Ksh 150.

Country wide delivery possible.

Home delivery within Nairobi possible with prior arrangement on transport cost.

Seedlings true to type so you are guaranteed that they are Hass variety.

*Please note that we are not related to Kari/KALRO in Any way.

We are offering this information for educational purposes only.

That’s not all.

We have written hundreds of articles on Hass avocado farming that you can access here.

If you happy with our service, and you choose to purchase seedlings from us, please note that you will be buying the seedlings from a private individual who is in the business of selling grafted seedling—but not Kari/Kalro.


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