Kenya Avocado Exports To China Key Takeaways

  • Kenya’s exports of avocado to China hit Sh7 billion in three months of August to October 2022.
  • The  earnings exceed what Kenya got in the first seven months of 2022 showing the importance of the China Avocado market.
  • According to Benjamin Tito who’s the Head of Horticulture Directorate, Kenya has exported 1.7 million kilogrammes of avocado to China since it was allowed to ship fresh produce to the China this year.
  • Consequently, China presents a great opportunity to Kenya Avocado farmers.
  • Producers and exporters who want to export fresh avocados to China must register all their production farms, pack houses and fumigation treatment facilities as a condition for access.
  • If you are therefore thinking of growing avocado and you are hesitating… you are missing a really valuable opportunity.

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