Kenya Avocado Exports to Malaysia:

Kenya is set to start exporting avocados to the lucrative Malaysian market as a delegation from the Asian nation completes a pest risk analysis.

The delegation payed a visit the Kakuzi farm and facilities as Kenya seeks to increase its Avocado market share in the global market.

The deal if sails through, Malaysia will become Kenya’s latest avocado export destination...

The Asian nation is seeking to import both the Fuerte and Hass avocado varieties from Kenya by the end of this year.

The Malaysian delegation is the latest yet to carry out an inspection tour on Kenyan avocado orchards and processing facilities.

 India and Mauritius delegations carried out similar analysis in the past few weeks as Kenya increases its avocado export destinations.

The development comes just weeks after Kenya started direct fresh avocado exports to China…

following the certification of 15 exporters to start avocado shipments to the far east nation.

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Kenya Avocado Export to Malaysia

Kenya Avocado Exports to Malaysia Will Cement Kenya’s Position as Top Avocado Exporter in Africa

An increase in Kenya’s avocado export destinations saw the nation take pole position from South Africa.

As we speak, Kenya exported has already exported 44 million kilos of avocado from March to August this year.

The exports are worth Ksh 6 billion.

Kenya is seeking to increase its horticultural exports that saw the country earn Ksh166 billion from the sale of 682,000 of assorted products in 2021.

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