Secrets of Kenya’s Ambitious Plan to Double Avocado Production for Global Markets…

Kenya, is often celebrated for its rich agricultural diversity.

And of late…

It is setting its sights on a remarkable goal:

Doubling its annual Hass avocado exports from Sh15 billion to Sh30 billion within the next five years.

“So what’s the driving force behind this ambitious endeavor ?” You may ask.

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It is all about the growing international demand for Kenyan avocados, particularly in key markets.

This strategic leap forward in avocado production is a testament to the country’s commitment to enhancing its agricultural sector and expanding its presence on the global stage.

Ernest Muthomi, the Chief Executive Officer of the Avocado Society of Kenya (ASK), underscores the nation’s determination to broaden its reach in the global avocado market.

Notably, Kenya achieved access to the coveted Chinese market in June of the previous year, with initial shipments taking place in July and August.

This milestone opened the door to a vast market with an insatiable appetite for avocados.

Muthomi emphasizes the vision clearly, stating, “We aim to ensure that the country earns Sh30 billion annually from avocado farming in the next five years.

Currently, avocado production earns Kenya Sh15 billion annually.”

This statement reflects the resolve of Kenyan farmers, agricultural authorities, and industry stakeholders to capitalize on the growing worldwide popularity of avocados.

The rapid expansion of Kenya’s avocado exports is exemplified by the surge in shipments to China, which reached an impressive Sh7 billion in just three months leading up to October 2022.

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This figure exceeded the earnings from the first seven months of the same year, emphasizing the significance of the Chinese market to Kenyan farmers.

This success in diversifying export destinations signifies a pivotal moment in Kenya’s agricultural landscape, as it reduces dependence on traditional markets and leverages new opportunities.

In essence, Kenya’s goal to double its avocado production and exports aligns with the nation’s broader strategy to strengthen its position in the global agricultural market.

By capitalizing on the increasing global demand for avocados and expanding its export horizons, Kenya is demonstrating its commitment to driving economic growth, creating employment opportunities, and positioning itself as a formidable player in the international avocado trade.

As the nation moves forward with this ambitious plan, it is poised to reap the rewards of its agricultural ingenuity and resilience.