Knapsack Sprayer Price List

Thinking of buying a knapsack, and you are searching for the best offer?

If that is you, then you are the right place.

Here we’ve compiled a wide range of top knapsack pricelist.

With over 15 knapsacks on sale online.

The prices range from KES 2,000 all the way to KES 65,000.

In this list, we have knapsack sprayers of various capacity.

For Example, 15L, 16L, 20L, 165 liters.

The Knapsacks are either manual, electric, battery powered, petrol engine powered, or two in one—where the pump is battery powered, and also can be manually powered.

In simple terms, this is the most extensive knapsack price list on the internet.

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Table showing Knapsack price list in Kenya

Name of SprayerCapacityPrice in KESHow it is poweredLink to Supplier
Pulmic Electric knapsack sprayer15 liters30,000ElectricMore Details
Pulmic manual knapsack sprayer20 liters8,100ManualMore Details
Pulmic manual knapsack sprayer16 liters6,700ManualMore Details
Uvuko two in one knapsack sprayer20 liters7,500Both electric and manualMore Details
Generic battery knapsack sprayer16 liters6,900BatteryMore Details
Uvuko Battery knapsack sprayer20 liters7,200BatteryMore Details
Farmjet Knapsack Sprayer20 liters2,300ManualMore Details
Kenplastic Knapsack sprayer20 liters2,100ManualMore Details
Turbo Knapsack20 liters1,999ManualMore Details
Premier Knapsack sprayer20 liters14,999Petrol engineMore Details
Premier mist duster Sprayer20 liters16,500Petrol engineMore Details
Kenplastic sprayer16 liters2,000ManualMore Details
Farmguard Spain 76720 liters17,000Petrol engineMore Details
Aico trolley petroleum Knapsack sprayer160 liters65,000Petrol engineMore Details
Knapsack petro power sprayer 2 stroke20 liters16,500Petrol engineMore Details
3WF-3A engine knapsack sprayer20 liters19,000Petrol engineMore Details
WASP 3WZ-6 power sprayer20 liters22,000Petrol engineMore Details