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Maize farming In Kenya


Highland Maize Varieties for the Best Yields in Kenya

In the lush Kenyan highlands, choosing the right maize variety is a game-changer for farmers. Picture thriving fields against a backdrop of rolling hills. Each click opens the door to a world of insights, showcasing the resilience of these varieties. Ready for a transformative journey? Click now and reap the harvest of knowledge.

Herbicides That Kill Only Grass Best in Kenya

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you want to Kill grasses only using an herbicide?
If you have found yourself in such a situation you are in the right place.
I clearly remember the day I found myself in this position.
2 weeks earlier, I had planted some yellow beans.
The beans had germinated very well.
In fact, the germination was almost 100%.
But I had a problem.
As the beans grew, grass weeds grew along with them.
“What should I do to remove these nasty grass weeds?”
I asked myself.
Two options were available to me…
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