A new wave of bloodshed threatens Mexico.

Even avocado farmers in Mexico vowed to defend their orchards from gangs sowing terror.

Armed with assault rifles and other firearms, a convoy of vigilantes quietly traveled along a road in western Mexico.

The masked men were traveling between plantations.

They also maintained checkpoints in Ario de Rosales in Michoacan state, an area which is the scene of a bloody cartel turf war.

According to France 24, one of the self-defense groups in the region, Pueblos Unidos, had 700 members.

This group is ready to fight to protect their land.

“Before we started patrolling the area, residents lived in fear.”

“Kidnapping, extortion, and even the stealing of their product avocados was a regular occurrence.”

Said a member of Pueblos Unidos.

Moreover, the member who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

He emphasized that there is a need for them to be armed to defend themselves.

The members also wore a badge that read ‘Down with injustice, no more death.’

Also, the member also stated that in the past, criminals came into their property and did whatever they wanted to them, but when they were already armed in longer happened.

However, Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador stated that he opposed the establishment of such self-defense groups. The Mexican President also shared that the phenomenon which could be traced back from 2013 was allegedly used by criminals as their front.

Meanwhile, the comments of Lopez Obrador were not well received in Ario de Rosales.

Another Pueblos Unidos member stated that the president should “get his shoes dirty” to discover the reality of life in the area polluted by the Jalisco New Generation and Los Viagras cartels.

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