Mexico Avocado Growth:

Mexico’s position as the number 1 Worlds Avocado exporter  is secure.

No country is likely to dislodge them from the position in the near future.

“Why?”  You may ask.

“What about Peru, Colombia, South Africa or Kenya–countries known to be Mexico’s fiercest competitors?”

why Mexico will remain the top Avocado producer at least for the next 10 years.

  • Mexico is the neighbor of USA–who happen to the the largest consumer of Avocado in the World.
  • Being neighbors with the US, means they can reach the market faster than their competitors.
  •  Consumption demand in the USA is rising every year thus opening more opportunities for the Mexican Avocado Exports.
  •  More area is being put into the production of Avocado, which means their Export volumes are going to increase every year.
  •  Aggressive branding and marketing by AVOCADOS FROM MEXICO means new marketing opportunities are being created.
  • Mexicans have a better understanding of the USA avocado market, requirements, challenges than all competing countries since they are neighbors with the US.

Don’t you think the above reasons gives Mexico an unfair advantage over competitors eying the same market?

Here’s what the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development for Agricultural Outlook says:

“We project that Mexico’s share of global avocado exports will reach 63% by 2030.”

That’s not all

We expect production in Mexico, to increase by 5.2% a year over the next decade.

What will cause this rapid increase is, continued growth in demand in the US.

Second, avocados are on course to become the World’s most traded tropical fruit by 2030.

The annual global exports will reach 3.9m tones.

When they do so, they will overtake both mangoes and pineapples in terms of traded volumes.

Fourth, we expect Avocado Worldwide production to hit 12m tons by 2030, a 300 per cent increase on the figure for 2010.

The key drivers of fueling The Exponential Mexico Avocado growth :

  • Substantial investments in new acreage
  • Strong global demand,
  • and the fruit’s high profitability were the , both in established and emerging regions.

While the pandemic and a poor harvest resulted in an 8.1 per cent fall in Mexican avocado exports in 2020 to 1.3m tons, global exports contracted by just 0.8 per cent, thanks to double-digit export growth in Peru, Colombia and Kenya.

Together, these three countries accounted for around a quarter of global avocado shipments in 2020.

Imports into the US – the world’s biggest importer of avocados – fell by around 14.3 per cent last year due to the closure of restaurants and hotels during pandemic lockdowns and lower supply from Mexico.

Imports into the European Union also contracted by around 2.5 per cent in 2020, mainly due to Covid restrictions.