Okra farming in Kenya: How to Succeed Growing Okra

Okra farming In Kenya:

Thinking of growing okra and you are searching for credible information about okra farming in Kenya?

You are in good company if that is your desire.

If you’d like to get the right information about okra, consider following the link above:

It outlines the Okra varieties in Kenya for example:

  • Pusa sawani
  • Clemson Spineless
  • White Velvet
  • And the dwarf green varieties

It explains the Ideal Conditions for Growing Okra like:

  • A well drained sandy loam soil with a PH of 5.8-6.5
  • The minimum temperature of 19 degrees Celsius and the optimum of 24-30 degrees Celsius.
  • Irrigation and water needs for okra. (Plant needs 400 mm of water during growing season)
  • The regions where okra grows best in Kenya (the dry areas) like:

Not left behind are the health benefits of Okra that guarantee that buyers will be in constant search for the vegetable:

For example…

  • It contains Antioxidants that prevent cancer,
  • Reduce high blood pressure,
  • Prevent the commencement of heat diseases.

Ways of Growing Okra that Make Profit Automatic

  • The best is the direct sowing of Okra in the field.
  • However, to economize on seed costs, you can sow the seeds in a nursery or planting tray for transplanting later to the field.
  • You’ll also learn the ideal planting depth of okra which is 1.5 cm deep…so that you are guaranteed 100% seed germination rate and low seed purchase costs.
  • When it comes to spacing Okra to maximize yields, a spacing of 30 cm between plants and 50 cm between rows is the best.
  • You’ll also learn the crops to intercrop with okra so that you can extend the profitability of your farm.
  • The best crops for intercropping okra are:
    Cow peas
    and other Legumes

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