Okra farming In Spain:

The Murcian firm Tropical Exports Gil, is a pioneer in the open ground okra cultivation in Spain.

For the last 7 years, the company has been producing, packing and exporting okra.

This was made possible due to the microclimate of the Eastern region of Spain.

Okra, which is sensitive to humidity, grows from late May to mid-October, when the environment is condusive for growth.

okra farming in Spain

“A few years ago, I became interested in growing okra.

Here, in this semi-arid area, mallow grows perfectly and, since okra is part of the mallow family, I decided to test and study its behaviour, which yielded fabulous results.

By growing it in the open ground in such a relatively dry area, we have hardly any problems with fungi or other pathogens that thrive in humid conditions,” says Francisco Javier Gil, manager of the company.

“From the initial 600 plants, we have grown year after year until we’ve now reached 300,000 plants, and we hope to reach 500,000 plants in the next season,” he says.

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