Orange juice helps fight inflammation and oxidative stress in adults, says study.

A new study has suggested 100 per cent orange juice has the potential to help fight inflammation and oxidative stress in adults.

The Journal of Advances in Nutrition published this study. The study shows drinking 100 per cent orange juice significantly reduces interleukin 6.

This compound happens to be a well-established marker of inflammation , in both healthy and high-risk adults.

Two additional inflammatory and oxidative stress markers were also reduced,

However, the results did not quite reach statistical significance.

The Florida Department of Citrus, gave an unrestricted grant for this study.

The objevtive of the study was to harmonise with a previously published FDOC-funded review that reported beneficial effects of hesperidin, the primary bioactive compound found in oranges and 100 per cent orange juice, on reducing some markers of inflammation and oxidative stress.

Chronic inflammation may play a key role in causing or advancing some chronic diseases, including heart disease and diabetes.

“We know that 100 per cent orange juice contains a number of nutrients, like vitamin C, as well as beneficial bioactive compounds that have the potential to reduce inflammation and oxidative stress,” said Gail Rampersaud, Florida Department of Citrus registered dietitian.

“This review tells us that some studies find benefits with 100 per cent orange juice, but we need more data and large well-designed studies to make more definitive conclusions.

This analysis is especially helpful as we and others plan future research related to orange juice,” added Rampersaud.

The review was conducted by the Think Healthy Group and researchers at Tufts University and George Mason University. The analysis consisted of three parts: […]