Papaya Mealy Bug In Uganda

Papaya mealy Bug produces of a white wax and flour-like substance around it body.

This substance makes it resistant to pest control chemicals–thus allowing it to spread rapidly.

That’s not all.

Papaya mealy bug spreads rapidly due to lack of natural enemies.
It also reproduces 15 times a year. An adult papaya mealy bug in Uganda can lay between 500 and 600 eggs a year.
This high reproduction potential leads to a rapid growth in population thus causing great damage.
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Papaya mealy bug infested fruit

Battle Against Papaya Mealybug In Uganda Intensifies

Key facts about the pest in Uganda:

  • First detected in 2012
  • The Pest attacks leaves and papaya fruit, and under serious infestations lead to the death of plant.
  • Thousands of pawpaw farmers in the Mukono and Kayunga Districts of Uganda are facing the wrath of this pest.
  • Lira and Luwero are the other districts in Uganda where the bug has spread.
  • “In Lira, district Uganda, the pest attack began in 2019 and it currently causing farmers very big losses.