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Farm Management Tips and Strategies

For saving labor, harvesting, and plant nutrition so that you are guaranteed of making a profit even if you encounter challenges like lack of irrigation water, hot temperatures and other vagaries of weather.

How and When To Harvest Passion

What you need to do to preserve the freshness of your fruits is explained in detail.

Cool Marketing Tricks

We have explained in great detail on how to sell your passion fruits at good prices, and which markets to avoid if you want to get handsome returns.

How To Control Disease While Saving Money and Time

How to use a special fungicide that 99% of the farmers as not using, yet it kills 30+ different funguses, bacteria, and even viruses when used alone or in combination with other fungicides. I guarantee this will make you’ll laugh at fungal diseases that reduce yields.

All The Information on the Two Popular Passion Varieties is in the Guide!

Whether you want to grow purple or yellow passion, you’ll find the info in the book. From the altitude to grow both, where to buy seedlings, how to transplant and more. We have put all this information so that you are thoroughly equipped to earn loads of cash from your farm.

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Karanja From Narok, Kenya.

This guide helped me set up all that I needed for passion farming. Thank you. Thank you a thousand times.

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