Passion fruit seedlings for sale:

You’ve had the dream of starting a passion fruit farm–for a long time.

So you have DELIGENTLY researched all about Passion fruit farming.

Finally you have decided to go for it.

But you have one problem…

“Where do you get the Best Passion fruit seedlings?”

If that describes you.

Then, we are more than ready to sort you out.

We want to help you succeed in passion fruit farming project.

For that reason, we’ve stocked healthy passion fruit seedlings ALL at the right price.

For only Kenya shillings 100 you get grafted passion fruit seedlings.

Passion fruit seedlings in a nursery

“Why Should I Buy passion fruit seedlings from you?”

You may ask?

“There are so many people out there selling passion fruit seedlings.”

What makes yours special?

Our passion fruit seedlings are special because:

  • They are raised by expert horticulturists.
  • By experience they have selected scions from passion fruit mother plants that have a history of producing great tasting juicy fruits.
  • The seedlings are free from passion fruit diseases like the notorious woody virus disease.
  • We provide the best deal in the market for Kenya shillings 100 per seedling so that you can save on starting costs.
  • We offer technical information in the form of blogs. PDFs. Telephone consultations. All for free, so that you can rely on us in case you get stuck.
  • That’s not all. We will link you to potential passion fruit exporters who will be willing to buy your fruit if you meet their terms and conditions.
Grafted passion fruit seedlings ready for sale

How to Pay For Your Order

You can do so through the secure MPESA pay bill as shown in the image below.

This Paybill is linked to the company’s bank account number so that you are guaranteed to receive your goods once payment is done.

Pay for your mango seedlings using this MPESA Paybill

We Guarantee the Delivery of Your Seedlings

Once we receive payment we will deliver via your preferred delivery method.

There are several methods we can use for delivery…

Passion fruit seedling that is ready for shipping

Courier Service Providers

For example:

  • Fargo courier
  • G4S courier services
  • DHL Kenya
  • Roy Parcel Services
  • EMS Kenya
  • Wells Fargo LTD

These courier services are quite pricey; however, they are very reliable.

You can expect to receive your seedlings on time, and in perfect condition.

The courier services mentioned above charge per kilo to use them, and we have to make an inquiry from them first on the charge.

To use the above courier services, please contact us for exact costing.

healthy yellow passion for sale

Bus/Shuttle Delivery Providers

These are bus and matatu companies that specialize in transporting passengers but have decided to include parcel deliveries as part of their business.

The advantage with them is their wide network, and affordability compared to the courier service providers mentioned above.

However, they have one disadvantage.

For fragile cargo like seedlings, they are unreliable because of poor handling, and insufficient cargo storage space.

Nevertheless, they do a fairly decent job, and they are worth trying.

Here is the shipping charge for these shuttle services:

Number of mango seedlings Shipping Cost in Kenya Shillings
201+Contact us for Delivery Schedule. They may require splitting of seedling parcel because of bulky nature
1,000+We will deliver right at your doorstep using our vehicle once we agree on how to share the transport cost

NB: While making your payment for the seedlings, please include the shipping cost above.

In Conclusion:

What are your thoughts on passion fruit seedlings for sale?

Share them in the comments section below.laughing