Pesticides to use on sukuma wiki:

Pests are a farmer’s number 1 enemy to growing sukuma wiki.

They damage the leaves by causing the shriveling of leaves, create holes, and unsightly marks on kale leaves.

Such damage reduces the quality and marketability of sukuma wiki.

For that reason, farmers are quick to take preventive measures against pests. Otherwise without doing so they will be staring at huge losses.

So what pesticide do you use on sukuma wiki?

When it comes to pest control, experienced farmers already know what to do.

Unfortunately, unexperienced farmers don’t know which pesticide to use on sukuma wiki. That’s why I decided to write this post.

It is a partial list of the pesticides to use on sukuma wiki.

Nevertheless, it will save you countless of hours of research.

31 Pesticides To Use On Sukuma Wiki

 PestBrand name of insecticide or pesticideActive ingredientCompany Country of the company
1CutwormsPROFILEProfenophos 400g/l +cypemethrin 40g/lGreen Life LTDKenya
2CutwormsACTARAThiamethoxam 250g/kgSygentaKenya
3Diamond back mothESCORTEmamectin Benzoate 15g/lGreen Life LTDKenya
4Diamond Back mothBACIGUARDBacilius thurigencisGreen LifeKenya
5Diamond Back mothLEXUSThiamethoxam 141g/l + lambda Cyhalothrin 106g/lGreen lifeKenya
6Diamond Back mothOCCASION STAREmamectin Benzoate 40g/l + Indoxacarb 160g/lGreen lifeKenya
7Diamond Back MothBETAFOSBeta-cyfluthrin+chlopyriphosOsho ChemicalsKenya
8Diamond Back MothETHOATEDimethoateElgon KenyaKenya
9.Diamond Back mothLANNATE Methomyl – 25% w/wElgon KenyaKenya
10.Diamond Back MothAMPLIGOChlorantraniliprole 100g/l + Lambda-Cyhalothrin 50g/lSygentaKenya
11.AphidsKINGCODE ELITEAcetamiprid 35g/l +lambda cyhalothrin 15g/lGreen lifeKenya
12.AphidsLEXUSThiamethoxam 141g/l + lambda Cyhalothrin 106g/lGreen lifeKenya
13.AphidsPENTAGONLambda-cyhalothrin 50g/lGreen lifeKenya
14.AphidsBETAFOSBeta-cyfluthrin+chlopyriphosOsho ChemicalsKenya
15.AphidsACTARAThiamethoxam 250g/kgSygentaKenya
16.AphidsDIAZOLDiazinonOsho ChemicalsKenya
17.AphidsETHOATEDimethoateElgon KenyaKenya
18.SawflyESCORTEmamectin Benzoate 15g/lGreenlifeKenya
19.SawflyBACIGUARDBacilius thurigencisGreenlifeKenya
20.SawflyOCCASION STAREmamectin Benzoate 40g/l + Indoxacarb 160g/lGreenlifeKenya
21.SawflyKINGCODE ELITEAcetamiprid 35g/l +lambda cyhalothrin 15g/lGreenlifeKenya
22.SawflyBETAFOSBeta-cyfluthrin+chlopyriphosOsho ChemicalsKenya
23.SawflyLANNATE Methomyl – 25% w/wElgon KenyaKenya
24.ThripsALONZEAbamectin 50g/lGreenlifeKenya
25.ThripsBAZOOKAAbamectin 18g/lGreenlifeKenya
26.ThripsDEFENDERBifenthrin 25g/lGreenlifeKenya
27.WhitefliesTAURUSThioclam hydrogen oxalate 500g/kgGreenlifeKenya
28.WhitefliesLEXUSThiamethoxam 141g/l + lambda Cyhalothrin 106g/lGreenlifeKenya
29.WhitefliesKINGCODE ELITEAcetamiprid 35g/l +lambda cyhalothrin 15g/lGreenlifeKenya
30.WhitefliesMANIKAcetamipridOsho ChemicalsKenya
31.Root knot nematodesALONZEAbamectin 50g/lGreenlifeKenya


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