Anatone 3 Plant Hormone Foliar Spray


Anatone 3 is the ultimate game-changer for farmers.

Packed with a powerful blend of Alpha Napthalene Acetic Acid (ANAA) and Nitrogen, it triggers robust growth, prevents flower drop, and supercharges yields.

This eco-friendly foliar booster is highly efficient, compatible with various crops, and rain-resistant.

Anatone 3’s magic lies in its quick absorption and ability to induce rooting in plantlets and cuttings.

Say goodbye to clogged equipment and hello to disease-resistant, thriving crops.

Your path to extraordinary harvests begins with Anatone 3 – the key to a prosperous future for your farm.

Anatone 3: Your Path to Thriving Crops

Are you a farmer seeking the secret to flourishing harvests and bountiful yields?

Look no further, because Anatone is here to revolutionize your agricultural journey!

What's Inside Anatone 3?

Anatone 3 is a foliar booster designed to supercharge your crops.

Comprising 33% Alpha Napthalene Acetic Acid (ANAA) and a potent mix of Nitrogen and Inerts (67%), it's the perfect recipe for robust growth and exceptional results.

Unleash the Power of Anatone 3 How it will Benefit Your Plants:

1# Stimulate Growth:

Anatone 3 is your growth catalyst.

It kickstarts robust growth, encourages flowering, and ensures those blooms stay put, preventing flower drop and abortion.

2# Rooting Magic:

When it comes to nurturing plantlets and hard cuttings, Anatone 3 works like a charm.

It induces rooting like nothing else, ensuring your plants take root and thrive.

What Sets Anatone 3 Apart?

Anatone 3 boasts an array of special attributes that set it head and shoulders above the rest:

  • Lightning-Fast Absorption:

Anatone 3 doesn't make your plants wait.

They quickly absorb its magic, thanks to its unique formula.

  • Economical:

You don't need a truckload of Anatone 3 to get results.

Lower stimulant levels are all you need for fantastic flowering and minimal flower abortion.

  • Versatility:

Whether it's for seed treatment or foliar application, Anatone 3 works wonders.

It boosts germination, enhances root development, and promotes robust growth.

  • Spectacular Yields:

Anatone 3 isn't just good; it's exceptional.

Expect your yields to surge, ranging from 40% to a jaw-dropping 200% per hectare.

  • Eco-Friendly:

We care about the environment. Anatone 3 is eco-conscious and won't harm our planet.

  • Equipment-Friendly:

No more headaches with clogged spray equipment.

Anatone 3 flows smoothly and keeps your equipment in tip-top shape.

  • Crop Compatibility:

Anatone 3 plays well with others.

It's compatible with a broad range of crops, ensuring you can use it across your farm.

  • Rain-Proof:

Rain or shine, Anatone 3 stands strong. Its superior rain-fastness guarantees your investment won't wash away.

  • Built for Resilience:

By promoting robust growth, Anatone 3 enhances disease resistance in your plants. A healthy crop is a resistant crop!

It's time to witness your farm's transformation with Anatone 3. Say goodbye to lackluster harvests and hello to a world of thriving, flourishing crops. Your success story begins here.

Try Anatone 3 today, and watch your farm prosper like never before.

Don't miss out on the agricultural revolution – make Anatone 3 your secret weapon for a fruitful tomorrow.


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