Beansclean Herbicide in Kenya: Beansclean 480 SL.

Beansclean herbicide in Kenya:

Selective Herbicide for Use In Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, & ALL over the World

Powerful herbicide that clears broad leaf weeds from your bean farm.

99.9% effective in removal of weeds compared to hoe weeding.

Weeds will not regrow in your bean field later in the season, one application is sufficient.

Save time weeding your field–two people take 3 hours to finish spraying an acre and yet the work is 99% better than hoe weeding.


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How to use Bentazone/ BEANSCLEAN 480 SL

This herbicide is fairly easy to use.

If you intend to use a knapsack sprayer,

  • Fill your Knapsack up to the 15-liter mark with water
  • Add 200 ml of Beansclean in the 15 liters of water.
  • Add a suitable sticker.
  • Top up with water the remaining space until you reach the 20-liter mark.
  • Agitate the tank using a stick or suitable material.
  • Close the lid and the herbicide is ready to use.
  • Spray it on actively growing weeds while ensuring all the weeds come into contact with the herbicide.

My friend and I did this, and I found that we used 2 hours to finish spraying one acre.

Mode of Action of Bentazone/BEANSCLEAN Herbicide

Bentazone is a selective post-emergence herbicide.

It kills all weeds and plants that have germinated and have come into contact with it except beans.

For the herbicide to be effective, you must spray the weeds when they are still young.

The weeds should be at 3-4 leaves stage for this herbicide to effectively kill them.

3 days after we finished spraying our bean farm, I noted some older weeds are resistant to this herbicide.

That’s why the manufacturer insists that you spray the weeds when they are still young.

Another thing I noticed, it slightly injured the bean crop. As shown in some of the photos above.

I expect the beans to overcome this injury and continue growing normally.

Additional information


1 litre

Active Ingredient


Wetting Agent

No wetting agent required to be mixed with herbicide, though adding a wetting agent will increase its efficiency

Use & Dosage

Put 200 Milliliters in 20 liters of water

Number of applications Required

One application is sufficient for the entire growing season.

Volume required per acre

2.5 liters is sufficient when using a 20 liter Knapsack

Frequent Asked Questions

Follow this link: You can also read success story about herbicide here:

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  1. Haron Mogeni

    If you’d like to save time, Keep your bean field clean for the entire season, this is the product of choice!

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