Passion fruit Seed for Planting 1 Kilo of Seed


Begin your Profitable Passion Fruit Nursery or Orchard From Our Seed Today!

  • The Passion Fruit Seed for planting have a 96% germination percentage so you are guaranteed to have value for your money.
  • Our passion seed is no more than 1 week old, which is an important factor in passion fruit seed viability. older seed are more difficult to germinate.
  • Each kilo of seed has over 30,000 seeds which is a excellent number to begin your profitable nursery or passion fruit orchard.
  • We deliver to all parts of Kenya via courier ensuring you connivence, so that you spend more time on your farm




Passion fruit seed for planting:

Looking to Begin a Profitable Nursery or Passion fruit Orchard In 30 Days?

If that describes you, then you have landed on the right page.
Our passion fruit seed is the perfect choice!

Carefully, we have selected and sourced the seeds from healthy, highly productive that have a reputation of producing sweet fruit full of juice and flavor.

For this reason, you can have the confidence the seeds will grow into healthy and fruitful plants.

With our passion fruit seed, you can grow your own fruit and enjoy its delicious taste straight from your own backyard.

Our passion fruit seed is easy to grow and maintain, even for those new to passion farming.
All you need to get started is:

  • Plant the seeds in well-drained soil and keep the plant well-watered and in a sunny location.
  • With proper care, you can expect to see fruit within 12 months of planting.

Don’t wait to start growing your own passion fruit.

Hurry. Passion seeds sell very fast.

Order your passion fruit seed today, and get ready to experience the delicious taste of fresh passion fruit straight from your own farm!

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Additional information

Price is per Kilo of seed


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