Frequently Asked Questions about Beansclean Herbicide:

An herbicide is like fire.

Use it the wrong way, and it will DESTROY your crops.

That’s why I have been receiving… hundreds of questions from anxious farmers.

Who want to be 100% sure…

“That the Beansclean herbicide is SAFE for their bean field.”

With the confidence of the African Male Lion, I say,

“Beansclean is PERFECTLY safe.”

I’ve USED it in my farm.

With my very own eyes, I have witnessed—how EFFECTIVE beansclean is in controlling weeds.

Therefore, today, I want to put all the farmers’ worry away.

And I have compiled ALL the questions they’ve been asking here…

…So that they can use this herbicide with confidence.

Ready for the questions and answers?

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Me and My friend applying bean herbicide using knapsacks

How many liters of Beansclean do I Need per acre?

If you are using a knapsack sprayer, you will need 2.5 liters of beanslean herbicide.

I did not pluck this figure from the air.

Personally, I applied Beansclean on my beans farm.

I did not delegate the job to anybody.

Neither, did I hire a farmhand to work on the field.

Here is what I did:

  1. “I went to my bean farm,
  2. Mixed the herbicide with water in a knapsack,
  3. A friend and I, then sprayed an entire acre of bean field,
  4. and by the end—of the task, we had used 2.5 liters of herbicide.”

For that reason, you can have the confidence that 2.5 liters of beansclean is enough for 1 acre of beans.

The amount we used seems high but…

With experience however, there’s a possibility of using much less herbicide.

I guess what made the rate high than using tractor mounted sprayer is:

  • Topography of the land,

It is difficult to walk on a farm that has growing plants carrying a knapsack and spraying at the same time.

  • The fatigue we experienced during spraying…

Affected the consistency of spraying the herbicide.

At times we could move fast, other times we could move slowly, yet the discharge from the Knapsack was fairly constant.

What is the active ingredient of Beansclean?

The active ingredient for beansclean/basagram is Bentazone 480g/l.

Is Beansclean the same as Basagram?

Yes. The active ingredient for both is Bentazone.

Beansclean and Basagram are brand names given by the companies selling the bean herbicide.

Can I use beansclean on a farm where I’ve intercropped maize with beans?


Beansclean kills broadleaf weeds in beans, while leaving grasses untouched.

This ability therefore makes it the perfect post emergence herbicide for maize and beans

Can beansclean be applied twice in a season?

One spraying of beansclean is enough to keep weeds at bay for the entire season.

Isn’t that cool!

However, to succeed in keeping weeds away for the entire season, you need to TIME your spraying like a sniper.

“How?” You may ask.

Apply Beansclean when the beans have 4 true leaves, and when the weeds as still young.

Using the herbicide much latter gives the weeds time to develop herbicide resistance.

Frequently asked questions BEANSCLEAN herbicide

Can I use beansclean on peas or soya beans?

I’ve never used the herbicide on peas or soya beans.

Therefore, I can’t guarantee it can work.

However, I read somewhere, on the internet, that you can use beansclean on pulses.

To me, pulses is a very general classification of plants in the bean family.

And I am yet to use the herbicide on other pulses.

“I have only used beansclean on beans”

Once I use it on other pulses, I will report the results.

Nevertheless, you can do a small EXPERIMENT.

Spray the herbicide on a small portion of your peas or soya field.

Should you succeed, please share that info with us, and other farmers.

For it will go a long way in knowing the effect of bentazone to other pulses.

*One thing to note.

Should you decide to EXPERIMENT the herbicide on your pea or soya field, please be ready to lose that portion in case things go wrong.

On What other crops can I use Beansclean/Basagran/Bentazone?

According to the manufacturers, “you can use beanslean to clear broad leaved weeds in…”

  • Maize
  • Rice
  • Sugarcane
  • Alfalfa

Personally, I have not used beanslean on the above crops.

Once I do it, I will report my experience on this blog.

Will Beansclean negatively affect my beans

The herbicide causes slight injury to the beans.

However, the beans quickly recover from the injury.

At what stage of bean growth can I safely use beansclean?

To get the perfect outcome, use the herbicide when the plants have 3-4 true leaves.


Plants are at this stage quickly recover from herbicide injury.

NEVER apply beanslean at the flowering, or the pod formation stage.


The herbicide injures the beans.

Therefore, the injury will reduce yields if the beans are at advanced stage of growth.

Does Beanslean/Basagram/Bentazone kill weeds?

Basagram does not kill grasses. It only kills broad leaved weeds.

So if you are planning to grow beans, in a field that has some grass weeds,

  1. First, use roundup to kill the grasses,
  2. Second, plough and harrow the land,
  3. Third, plant the beans,
  4. Finally, When the beans germinate, and they reach the 3-4 leaf stage, use beansclean to kill the broad weeds that will be coming up with the beans.

Wrapping it up:

Beanslean/basagram is a super effective herbicide.

It controls all broadleaf weeds in beans.

Once you use this herbicide, according to the instructions given here, you’ll be impressed at how your farm will be weed free.

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Bean farm on which bentazone has been used