Selective herbicide for beans in Nigeria:

Lately, I’ve been getting a lot of inquiries from my lovely brothers and sisters from Nigeria.

They want to know about the selective herbicide they can use on their beans.

Those inquiries are as a result of a post I published regarding Beansclean herbicide.

This herbicide happens to be a selective herbicide for beans sold in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.

If you’d like to look at the post, it is right here:

So my Nigerian brothers and sisters have been asking:

“How Can I get Beansclean Selective Herbicide in Nigeria?”

I understand your interest in the product—because you want something that will save you time and energy.

However, shipping small quantities of the herbicide to the country is not economical.

Why? You may ask.

Shipping and taxes will increase the cost of herbicide, consequently that will increase bean production costs.

So what’s the solution?

“What bean selective herbicide can people in Nigeria use?”

Surely there must be an alternative.

To help my fellow bean farmers, I started an online research on the best alternative for Nigerian bean farmers.

So this post explains the alternative selective bean herbicide for Nigerians that they:

  1. Can find locally
  2. Will buy at an affordable cost,
  3. Will perform a good job as the Kenyan Beansclean herbicide.

Ready to get started?

Continue reading.

The Active Ingredient for Selective Bean Herbicide.

To find an alternative for Nigerians, I had first to know the active ingredient in Beansclean herbicide.

This was fairly a simple job because what I needed to do was read the label of the herbicide package.


By Kenyan law, the active ingredient of herbicides, pesticides, fungicides must be written on the herbicide label.

And the active ingredient is Bentazone 480 g/l

The next step was to find an herbicide in Nigeria with the same active ingredient and nothing else.

After countless hours of online research, I am pleased to announce that I have found an alternative bean herbicide for Nigerians.

Welcome to Basagran Selective Bean Herbicide in Nigeria:

This is the same herbicide as Beansclean, but in Nigeria it is sold as Basagran.

The price range for the herbicide is 3000-5,000 Naira.

One online shop sells it for 5,000 Naira.

The link for that shop is here.

How to Use Basagran as A Selective Herbicide for Beans:

You’ll follow the same procedure like Beanslean.

Please note:

*Before applying the herbicide on the entire field, I recommend you do a small trial!

Follow the following easy steps

  1. Just before the rainy season starts, spray the field with Roundup herbicide. Doing this kills all the grass weeds plus all the other broad leaf weeds that are still growing.
  2. Plough your land, and let it stay rest for 3-5 days.
  3. Harrow the land to break the huge soil clods/furrow slices.
  4. Plant your bean seeds.
  5. Once they germinate, let them grow along with the weeds until the beans have 3-4 true leaves. It is now time to spray them with Beanslean/Basagran.
  6. To do it, add 15 liters of water to a knapsack sprayer.
  7. Add 100ml of Beansclean to the water. (If the weeds are advanced in age, use a higher concentration of herbicide 150-200ml.)
  8. Add a suitable sticker. If you don’t have any some 10-15 ml of liquid soap will do.
  9. Agitate using a wooden stick.
  10. Fill the tank with water up to the 20-liter mark of the knapsack.
  11. Spray the weeds.

Before Using Basagran/Bentazone/Beansclean

spraying of basagran selective beans herbicide
Expected Results for Using the Post Emergence Herbicide for Beans

In 2-3 days’ time all the broadleaf weeds should have started wilting.

Once they wilt, the farm will be free of weeds for about one and a half months.

This will give the beans sufficient time to grow and outcompete the new upcoming weeds.

Two and a Half Weeks After Using Basagran/Beansclean/Bentazone

Its amazing the bean field does not have any weedscool

Bean farm on which bentazone has been used

Summary and Conclusion:

Basagran/Beansclean is the Best post emergence herbicide for beans.

In case you have any questions or comments, share them in the comment section below.

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