If your web host has been giving you problems, the time to switch to reliable hosting is right now! I am saying this because unreliable hosting can be a pain in the ass. Why suffer when Siteground hosting is the most reliable host in the market. 

But before I go on to tell you how Siteground can solve your hosting problems, I want you to stop for a moment, and think about the family in the photo above. 

Look at the lady with her arms standing akimbo.

Look at the other lady sitting beneath the tree, and the other one looking on, as the guy struggles to change the punctured tire.

Do these ladies seem happy with their predicament?

The ladies and gentleman accurately convey the experience I had on one Tuesday afternoon.

That Tuesday, I had gone on a long trip, 278 miles from home. Suddenly, in the middle of nowhere, my car came to a screeching halt.

As any sensible person would do, I tried to re-start the engine. But it couldn’t start.

Again…again and again I tried–starting the car, instead, it went silent like a corpse.

“How exactly does this story relate to WordPress hosting?” you may ask.

Well, from a casual glance at the above photo, you’ll conclude, the body language of people in it says, “They are tired and frustrated.” They are unfortunate to have to stop their journey, to change a punctured tire.

How they feel is comparable, with what most WEBSITE OWNERS experience when they host their websites on poor, and unreliable hosting companies. They feel frustrated, lied to and angry. However, those who host their sites Siteground are ever happy.

Here is why:

With Siteground Hosting, you’ll never experience website downtime trouble

“Why risk your website and business reputation by hosting on a poor web host?”

On Siteground, you’ll never experience website downtime. You’ll never have downtime trouble, just like I did when my car came to a screeching halt in the middle of nowhere! 

I am saying this is because Siteground has the most modern and reliable servers in the hosting industry. These servers can handle any website, with any amounts of traffic.

Therefore they can guarantee impressive website uptime for both you, I, and other customers.

I am living proof of Siteground website uptime.

For now, 12 months that this website has been on Siteground, it has never experienced any downtime. I am not just making this up. It is true, and the screenshot below testifies it.

pangoni uptime stats

Why agonize for hosting your website with a poor hosting company, when Siteground is a click away?

How will you feel: 

“When your website shuts down when you need it most–just as my car did.”

Would you be 100% satisfied, “If you wanted to create a new offer, create a new blog post or do something, but you couldn’t do it—because your website is down?” Just imagine your website loading at a snail’s pace! How frustrating! How disappointing!

I can see anxiety consuming you.

I can see you boiling with rage—just as the family in the above photo did when their car unexpectedly got a puncture at the middle of nowhere.

To avoid similar frustrations with website hosting, you ought to find a reliable and affordable WordPress host.

If you are looking for a reliable website host—who’ll never disappoint then, it is time to consider Siteground Hosting.

I do not ask you to host your site at Siteground because I host my websites with them. All I want is, you to consider their claims and promises.” And if you find they are correct, host your site with them, if not, to host your website elsewhere.

Nevertheless, of this I am confident.

Siteground hosting will give you the most reliable service possible to secure. Whichever hosting plan you buy from Siteground, “Expect nothing but a dependable service.”

The website will always be up and running

I know you want a reliable service. Before I decided to move to Siteground hosting, I was a little doubtful of the service I would get. This is because I had hosted my website elsewhere and got a very nasty experience. I thought that all websites gave big promises but failed to deliver on them. Reluctantly I decided to try Siteground basic hosting plan. And from my experience and personal observation…

On, Siteground, your website going offline will be as rare as the sun rising from the west.

It will always be online.

When other websites go down because of an unexpected surge in website traffic, and other flimsy reasons, yours will always be on.

Unlike other hosting companies, Siteground has built its website hosting service on Linux containers. This technology provides superb stability in times of unexpected traffic spikes and unforseen circumstances.

This unique feature makes ANY website hosted on a BASIC PLAN on Siteground–and any other plan– able to handle ten times more traffic than a website hosted elsewhere.

That’s not all…

With Siteground hosting, 99.99%-100% website uptime will be the norm

For 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year, you will enjoy 99.99%-100% website uptime. Such amazing uptime results are ONLY a dream to people hosting their websites with other hosts. They can only be envious of Siteground’s superb service.

Other hosting companies SIMPLY can’t compete with such website uptime results.

In fact, Siteground’s uptime is 1-2% better than competitors are!

Why risk losing 1 hour or 2-hour website uptime a month, when you host your website elsewhere? Is 1 or 2 hour website downtime tolerable to you? Will such downtime make a difference to your website?

If you have a busy website, which I believe you have, one hour off the internet is a very serious matter. Being off time for that long, you may valuable sales or frustrate thousands of customers.

Why risk losing a valuable 1 hour while you can take advantage of…

Siteground supersonic website speed delivery

The guys at Siteground headquarters make hosting a website a breeze. You don’t need any knowledge of coding to install a WordPress website on Siteground. Consider this website. It is hosted on Siteground. I am yet to optimize it fully. Despite that, it still loads under 2 seconds. That’s impressive considering that I have about 10 plugins installed on this website, and the website is on the basic siteground plan.

Here are the results…

Siteground website speed test

website load time is under 2 seconds. This is good considering I am yet to optimize it. I am sure if I optimize it, it will load under 1 second!

What makes Siteground service is so reliable?

Siteground hosting uses the very latest technology to make websites load super fast. Here is what one customer says about siteground WordPress hosting…

Siteground supercacher makes websites hosted with them 10 times faster than those hosted with others!

With all these tools at your service, you website will load in less than 1 second, from whichever place in the world.

Siteground’s Detailed Tutorials Show you every step you need to succeed

If you need to start a new WordPress website, there is a tutorial for that. If you want to transfer an existing site from another host to Siteground, there is a tutorial for that. If you’re going to move a domain, there is a tutorial for that. If you want to start a Jomoola website, there is a tutorial for that. Whatever you need to do, there is a  Siteground hosting tutorial for that!

If you feel jittery about hosting a website on Siteground, a 30-minute or 1-hour reading, of their easy to follow and understand tutorials, is enough to make you a pro.

The hundreds of easy to follow tutorials, written by Siteground hosting experts, make it a breeze to install CMS like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and others. I assure you, once you read these tutorials, you’ll never be lost in the installation process–even if you are a total newbie.

Those instructions are so easy to follow. A junior high school student can understand them, and successfully install a website on Siteground. Once you sign up for hosting, pay for your hosting plan, choose a domain name, in less than five minutes, you’ll have the website up and be running.

Below is a sample of the detailed tutorial.

Siteground hosting comprehensive guide

Siteground’s tutorials are one of the easiest to understand and follow out there

Siteground hosting Backend is easy to navigate

Finding your way in your hosting account, IF you are new to WordPress hosting, is critical.  Siteground hosting experts have made it easy to navigate within your account.   When you get inside your Siteground hosting account, it is like walking to your home.

The layout of menus, icons and all you need to get your website done, is neatly done, making it easy for starters and experienced customers to create and host their websites.

This point is very important. Especially for people who know little about technology like you and me.

You’ll never ran the risk of creating a fatal error. The people at Siteground have made it so easy to start a WordPress, Jomoola, or a Drupal website.

To create a wordpress website, there is no code to input. All you have to do is: buttons to click, checkboxes to check or uncheck, thus making it a breeze to start your website hosting.

users area

Siteground’s users area is neat, navigating through it is like walking through your home

In a few words, Siteground is the best, and the most reliable webhost available to you. Why don’t you click on this link to get started?

I’ll get some commission if you purchase through this link but it won’t cost you more)

You will also get:

siteground’s hosting Superb after sales service

  • Absolute protection from spammers, hackers and data loss. This is because they have built their own proactive server monitoring system that monitors their servers every 0.5 second and also proactively fixes any problems without human interventions thus ensuring amazing time. It only takes the click of one button to encrypt your website and install an SSL certificate.
  • A 30 day unconditional money back guarantee. Any host that gives such a broad assurance is confident of the service they offer, thus may be considered safe!

Try Siteground hosting today and you’ll never be disappointed with their service. Remember, if you discover within 30 days that their service is not as good as claimed, you can take advantage of their money back gurantee and get a full refund of all your money.

Which hosting plan will you start with? The basic, go geek or pro?

Sign up now for Siteground hosting today!