small papaya varieties that Europeans love

Smaller size papaya varieties sell better in the European market.

That’s an amazing finding for papaya farmers, and exporters.

That’s why…

In this post I am going to share with you:

  1. “The smaller size papaya varieties  that are in high demand in the European market…
  2. Why that matters to you,
  3. What you can do to take advantage and profit big from this findingcool


“If you are thinking of starting a papaya farm ( and you want to make great profit) grow smaller size papaya varieties.

Nothing else.”

“Why grow smaller size papaya varieties?”

You may ask.

The European market loves these varieties because:

  • The fruit stand out for being consistent in taste, size, sugar content and weight.
  • They have a high brix content compared to other varieties,
  • Have a lower perishability when compared to other varieties.
  • The skin is thick thus can withstand rough treatment during transport without suffering lots of injury.
small size papaya

Small Size papaya varieties that the European market loves

Click on the links below for details of each small papaya variety

If you’d like to read more details about these small size papaya  varieties that europeans Love, Check this post:

“Smaller-sized papayas sell better in the European market”

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