Are you thinking about GROWING the star 9065 F1 tomato variety in the open field?

And you are wondering if this tomato variety is worth growing?

If that describes you…

You’ve come to the right place.

This tomato variety can make you stinking rich in the next 120 days!

Wondering how?

Don’t wonder about it anymore because…

I’ll discuss all the ins and outs of growing star 9065 Tomato F1 variety

… so that you can get 100+ tomato crates per acre even if you are an absolute beginner in tomato farming.

That’s sounds interesting?

If it is…

Be therefore ready to read through this rather long post.

In it  you’ll get out of this world tips, strategies and practices to grow star 9065.

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As you read through, expect to find info about:

  • The cost of star 9065 seeds in Kenya so that you can properly budget and take into account every cost you’ll incur growing star tomatoes.
  • Creative ways you can adopt to increase productivity of star 9065 f1 tomato variety.
  • When to harvest your star 9065 F1 so as to reduce its perishability and increase your profitability.
  • One top reason why you should grow this variety and not any other.


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Star 9065 F1 tomato Variety harvest

Star 9065 F1 is A Proven Yielder: Here’s how I found out:

In 2016, I was hit by this rather friendly ‘bug.’

I decided to grow nothing else other than tomato.

I was tired growing green maize, beans, millet, thus was looking for something NEW AND PROFITABLE.

After doing some research, I realized that my farm had the perfect environment for growing tomato.

However, I found Myself in a BIG problem.

And you are also likely to face this problem if “you are planning to grow tomatoes.”

Here’s the problem:

There are hundreds of tomato varieties in the Kenyan Market.

While this looks like a benefit/advantage rather than a problem…

As soon as you decide to grow tomatoes, you’ll discover the availability of many tomato varieties to be a problem.

Here is why…

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Before I explain how the existence of many tomato varieties is a problem, In Kenya we have the following tomato varieties:

  1. Eva F1 from Amiran Kenya
  2. Oxyl Premium F1 from Royal seed co.
  3. Bingwa F1 from East African seed co.
  4. Rambo F1 from Royal Seed Co
  5. Sandokan F1 from Royal Seed
  6. Faulu F1 from Royal seed
  7. Mavuno F1
  8. Bravo F1
  9. Monalisa F1
  10. Samantha F1
  11. Mfalme F1
  12. Cal J
  13. Tomato Rio Grande
  14. Claudia F1 from Amiran Kenya
  15. Corazon F1 from Amiran Kenya

Please note that this is not a complete list of the tomato varieties.

Now the Dilemma comes in choosing the RIGHT tomato variety to grow.

Furthermore, the prices of the tomato seeds above ranged from KES 650 for 10,000 seeds, and KES 9,000 for 1,000 seeds…confusing potential growers even further.

However, those weren’t the only problems.

Every tomato seed company claimed that their tomato hybrid seeds not only Highly Productive (some claimed to give 60 tons of tomato per acre) but also highly resistant to:

  • Yellow curl tomato virus,
  • Tomato bacterial wilt,
  • Tomato verticillium wilt, and
  • Tomato Fusarium wilt.

With all these GLOWING claims, all these Tomato varieties seemed good to unexperienced farmers.

“Which variety do I grow?”

I asked myself.

When I tried to search for more information on star 9065 tomato, however, what I got was generic info that was of little help.

Of all websites I visited, none spoke any unique thing about star 9065 variety.

Online, there simply wasn’t any real experience on growing star 9065 F1 Tomato variety.

However, when I tried growing this variety despite the challenges I was blown away.

A person admiring the star tomato variety

How I Eventually Chose to Grow Star 9065 F1 Tomato Variety

If you’ve read my experience above, you realize I was in a state of utter confusion.

I did not know which variety to grow since…

There were so many options available, and all of them made similar claims.

And after much agony, eventually I chose to grow two varieties:

  1. Star 9065 F1 tomato from Starke Ayes seed company
  2. Rambo F1 tomato variety from Royal seed company.

I know you are anxious to know my journey growing Rambo F1.

However, will share about it in a later blog post.

For now, let us stick to Star 9065.

I hope that’s OK WITH YOU.

To say the truth, choosing to grow these two varieties was much of a gamble.

However, it turned out to be very profitable.

Here’s what I did to get insane yields from star 9065 tomato.

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Step 1: Sowing Star 9065 Seed in A Nursery—what I learnt

As you know, the first step when growing tomato is sowing the seed in a nursery.

That’s exactly what I did—only to bitterly regret a few days later.

“What happened?” you may ask.

Well after sowing the seed, 5 days later, the seed germinated perfectly.

However, I got a shock of my life 1 week later.

The seedlings were attacked by Pythium root rot disease and 30% of them died.

This outcome hurt me big considering the star 9065 seed are quite expensive.

That was despite me using fungicides to protect the seedlings.

In 2016, 1,000 star 9065 seeds cost KES 3,500. Just recently, I found out that the price of the star 9065 seeds cost KES 14,500 for 5,000 seeds.

From that experience, I learnt the following critical lessons…

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Don’t grow the seeds on a soil nursery. Instead, grow them in seed trays.

By doing so, you are guaranteed that the seed will not be killed by Pythium root rot.

After noticing my mistake, I bought new seeds, and replanted them in seed trays, and Pythium root rot became past tense.

Please don’t commit the same mistake as I did.

The best growth medium for expensive tomato seeds is coir fiber in seedling trays.

I know using these two items will increase the cost of production.

However, that will be money well spent. You’ll protect your star 9065 seedlings from diseases!

Star 9065 seedlings for sale in Kenya

Step 2: Transplanting The Star 9065 Tomato Seedlings to The Field.

Transplanting is a MAJOR aspect of growing star 9065 tomatoes that will affect your yield per acre.

Take care of this, and you will be untouchable when it comes to growing tomatoes.

SO, “How exactly do you transplant tomatoes to maximize profit?”

When it comes to transplanting tomatoes, there are 2 things that are an absolute MUST to consider:

  1. The Right time for transplanting,
  2. The Right Age for transplanting,

Let’s start with the first point:

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“When is the Right Time to Transplant Tomato Seedlings?”

Before we answer this question, let us pause for a moment.

And ask ourselves this question.

“What is transplanting?”

Once we answer it, we will have known the RIGHT TIME TO TRANSPLANT TOMATO SEEDLINGS, and the reasons behind it.

In layman’s language, transplanting is simply the replanting a young seedling to the open field.

As you do this, the young plant will suffer some stress.


It’s being moved from an environment where it was being ‘pampered’ to a new much harsher environment.

So to reduce the stress these seedlings will face, the best time to transplant them is late in the evening.

At that time, the temperatures are much lower. The chances therefore that seedling will wilt are minimized, and your chances of SUCCESS are TRIPLED!

“What is The Right Age for Transplanting Tomato Seedlings?”

Now this is an important point to consider about transplanting star 9065 tomato variety.

Based on my experience, transplant these tomato seedlings when they are 18-21 days old.

At that age, the tomato seedlings will be about 15-18 cm long.

This is the most ideal height, because we don’t want them to be too short or too tall.

When they are too short, they won’t be able to compete with aggressive weeds.

When the tomato seedlings are too tall, they will take long to stand upright after transplanting.

Tall tomato seedlings are also vulnerable to stem bending which restricts the movement of water and nutrients from roots through stem to leaves.

Now do you see why the transplanting age of tomato seedlings is important?

“Suppose you have a big farm, and transplanting will be a challenge, what do I do?”

You may ask.

The best way to do this is to stagger the sowing of seedlings. Give a week (or whatever time is convenient to you) in between one sowing to the next.

Having that interval will give you some allowance so that the seedlings don’t overgrow in the seed trays!

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STEP 3#: Star 9065 Seedling Maintenance: Why The First 20 days After Transplanting Make or Crack a Tomato Farmer!

Let’s face this fact.

Young tomato seedlings, that have just been transplanted, are highly vulnerable.

They have to fight to avoid wilting, and they have to fight against insect damage.

Now newly transplanted tomato seedlings have one great enemy.

If given an opportunity, this enemy can quickly decimate an entire newly transplanted tomato farm.

  1. Fight with Seedling enemies

This enemy is none other than Tomato Cutworm!

Cutworms are often unseen during the day.

You only see their deadly work the following morning after transplanting.

As the cutworms feed in the dead of the night, they cut through the stem of the seedlings killing them instantly.

To stop this from happening, you must do a PREEMPTIVE STRIKE!

Immediately after transplanting, spray the seedlings with either of the following insecticides:

    • Profile 440 EC
    • Ranger 480 EC
    • Pentagon 50 EC
    • Loyalty 700 WDG
    • Pyrinex Quick 276 ZC

…or any other insecticide capable of killing tomato cutworm.

Spray after every 5-7 days until the seedlings grow a thick stem that cutworms cut eat through!

  1. Regular Irrigation is Compulsory During the first 20 days of transplanting

The tomato plant is a heavy feeder. It requires a lot of water and nutrients.

Further, the seedlings need adequate water to prevent wilting.

One caution though:

Do not overwater.

Overwatering may lead to the development of fungal diseases.

Water your tomato plants in moderation throughout the growing season and you’ll get 100+ crates /acre!

Star tomatoes in crates

Step #4: Creative Ways to Increase the Productivity of Star 9065 By Up to 5 Times!

Now this is a hot one.

To achieve this objective, you have to Know:

  • The growth cycle of the tomato plant,
  • What to do at each stage so that you maximize yields

Now that is settled, what do you do after you have transplanted seedlings and they have already established themselves?

Apply the right soil nutrition.

The most preferable way of doing this is applying well totted farmyard manure/compost.

Doing this will improve the soil structure, fertility and organic matter content.

As you seek to improve soil fertility, organic matter content, and soil structure, do it in moderation.

Any excesses will lead to imbalances thus affect your yields negatively.

Use foliar fertilizers like potassium nitrate, Super grow, kelp and beneficial plant hormones.

Apply potassium nitrate, Boron + calcium based foliar, and micro nutrient foliar at an interval of 2-3 weeks.

Tomatoes need a lot of potassium. For them to give more yields.

Once you see the first flower forming, apply a hormone known as plantone.

This hormone promotes flowering.

The more flowers the tomato plant produces, the more fruits are produced.

Control Pests and Diseases effectively.

Tomato is highly vulnerable to pests like Tuta Absoluta, Leaf miners, Red Spider mites, Thrips, and Aphids.

To deal with these diseases, apply appropriate insecticides.

Be proactive in your pest control program.

To do this, make use of sticky traps and Sticky tapes.

When it comes to diseases, bacterial wilt, Fusarium wilt, powdery mildew, downy mildew, and yellow curl virus are highly infectious.

Use the right fungicides to control these diseases.

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Star 9065 Is The Variety to Grow Here’s Why;

I will vouch for this variety whenever I have time.

What makes me do so is the excellent qualities this tomato variety possesses.

  • The variety is highly resistant to drought.

This makes it ideal for planting considering the climate change issues that are hitting many parts of the world.

  • You can store this variety for 30 days without refrigeration is you harvest it at the red breaker stage.
  • Has a thick blocky flesh making it highly suitable for transport over long distances.
  • One thing I noticed about this variety is that it is resistant to Tomato Tuta Absoluta, Aphids and mites hence you’ll spend little money as pesticides on this tomato variety.

What are your thoughts on this? Share them below.

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