Sweet onion varieties:

A sweet onion is a special variety of onion that lacks the sharp, bitter taste common to ordinary onions when eaten raw in salads.

Due to their mild, non-pungent character, chefs prefer to use sweet onions in salads and chutneys.

Despite these desirable qualities of the sweet onions, only a few out of the hundreds of the varieties in the world are true sweet onions.

For that reason, sweet onions are rare.

They are found in a handful of states in the USA, and countries around the world.

That shortage forces many chefs and food enthusiasts to look for sweet onion substitutes.

Nobody exactly knows why the cultivation and trading of sweet onions is not as widespread as other onions.

However, my guess is those onions are very exacting in the climatic conditions they require.

That limits their cultivation to a few areas whose acreage isn’t sufficient to satisfy demand.

Sweet onion Varieties in The World

  • Vidalia onions grown in the Vidalia region inn Georgia.
  • 1015 onion grown only in the Rio Grande valley.
  • Wala Wala sweet onion that is grown in Washington State.
  • Imperial Valley Sweets come from the Imperial Valley in far southern California.
  • The Carzalia Sweet onion is a variety of sweet onion grown by Carzalia Valley Produce in Columbus
  • The Sunbrero (Texas) Sweet Onion is grown in Texas and distributed by Sweet Onion Trading Company, Melbourne, Florida.
  • The Sweetie Sweet is a variety of sweet onion grown in the Mason Valley in Yerington, Nevada
  • The Glennville sweet onion is grown in Tattnall County, in Glennville, Georgia
  • Mattamuskeet Sweets onion grown in Eastern North Carolina
  • Maui onions
  • Pecos sweet onions
  • Texas early Grano

Sweet onion uses

These sweet onions are used in sauces, salads, vegetable juices, and just chewed raw.

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