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Fusilade Forte Bean Herbicide

This post features details about Fusilade Forte Bean Herbicide, including the active ingredient (Fluzifop-p-butyl), mode of action (systemic), timing of use, seller (Sygenta Kenya), and price per liter (Ksh 3.900). Readers are invited to visit a link for more details and to purchase the product.

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Bean Yield Per Acre: The BEST Facts, Challenges, And Opportunities

“Is it possible to get a yield of 10 bags of 90 kilos per acre of bean?”
You may ask.
This post sets the facts right.

It is a real story of one farmer…
…who got EXCITING results the FIRST time he tried his hand on growing yellow beans.

From one acre, He got 4 bags.
Despite the yield being A WAY OFF his target of 10 bags, he made an incredible 47.2% return on investment.

However, that doesn’t mean getting ten bags of 90 kilos is impossible.
It’s doable.

Since it was his first time, doing serious bean farming, he made TWO mistakes.
(you’ll learn about them in the post)
The good news is through the mistakes; he has learned EXTREMELY valuable lessons.
Haron says, “I have now known what made me get 4 bags instead of 10.”

“Next time, I will get more than 10 bags of beans per acre.”
Read the full story here!

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