How to Germinate Kale Seed the Easy and Profitable Way

One of the VITAL steps of growing kale or sukuma wiki is germinating its seed in a nursery.
Without succeeding in germinating kale you can forget about profitable kale production.
That’s why it is important to know how to germinate kale seed the proper way.
I remember the first time I tried germinating kale seed.
In the process, I experienced serious nursery diseases like damping off, mildews, and pests like cutworms.
These setbacks cut my profits, and increased my operating costs.
To save you from similar problems, in this post Haron talks about two approaches of germinating kale seed.
1. The old way that is prone to nursery diseases and pests
2. The modern way that uses less seed, saves energy and time.
Check out these two Kale germination techniques and how they matter to you!

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