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Sukuma Wiki Planting Spacing: The Right Spacing Amazing Yields

I clearly remember when I first began growing kales.
The confusion I faced… only God knows.
Issues like:
• The right spacing from one plant to another, and one row to another confused me.
• How to stop devastating nursery diseases affecting kale was a nightmare.
• How to get buyers for my produce—drove me nuts.
However, through practice and experience, I became a master grower of Sukuma wiki.
The three-acre kale farm I had was able to feed thousands of people—every week.
My success did not come easy.
It was tough.
And there were times I considered throwing my hands in the air and saying, “I quit.”
When I look back at my experience and struggle—I don’t know how I was able to survive growing kale for so long.
Check post for more details!

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Role of Kale in Kenya Food Security: 5 Amazing Reasons

What comes to your mind when people talk about food security?
To most people, food security is country’s productivity on cereals like:
• Maize,
• Beans,
• Rice,
• Sorghum,
• Rice
• And millet.
Other ‘fringe’ food crops like potato, cassava, taro, tomatoes, sunflower, cabbages, kale, and various fruits and vegetables are rarely mentioned.
That’s quite unfortunate as they are equally important to food security.
Why? You may ask.
The ‘fringe’ crops super important making a diet balanced.
Without them, a diet containing maize, rice, sorghum, millet or beans will be deficient.
It will lack the vital minerals the body needs to fight diseases and viruses.
Consequently, a population consuming such a diet will be unhealthy.
That’s why today I want to focus on the role of Kale on Kenya’s food security.

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Amazing 3 Months Crops in Kenya Take Advantage of Short Rains

There are a number of 3-months crops in Kenya that can help you take advantage of the short rains.
I have listed them on a table to make it convenient for you to have a quick glance at them
However, that’s not the end of the story.
Providing a list is something very easy to do.
In fact, anybody can do it.
Because I want you to benefit I give an explainer (Below the Table) of each crop and why it makes sense to grow it.
Continue reading…

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Which Is The Best Fertilizer For Sukuma Wiki? Here’s The Answer

The use of fertilizers are absolutely necessary in kale production.
Without them you can only expect to get a fraction of the yields possible.
In fact, you can get 50% lower yields without fertilizer use.
Considering that fertilizers are mighty important, which fertilizer do you use on Kale?
This post examines just that!
It breaks down
1. The various stages of kale growth, and what nutrients they need at each stage.
2. Shows you where to buy the fertilizers at rock bottom prices so that you can make big savings.
3. And Much-much more.
Check out the post for all the details!

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How to Germinate Kale Seed the Easy and Profitable Way

One of the VITAL steps of growing kale or sukuma wiki is germinating its seed in a nursery.
Without succeeding in germinating kale you can forget about profitable kale production.
That’s why it is important to know how to germinate kale seed the proper way.
I remember the first time I tried germinating kale seed.
In the process, I experienced serious nursery diseases like damping off, mildews, and pests like cutworms.
These setbacks cut my profits, and increased my operating costs.
To save you from similar problems, in this post Haron talks about two approaches of germinating kale seed.
1. The old way that is prone to nursery diseases and pests
2. The modern way that uses less seed, saves energy and time.
Check out these two Kale germination techniques and how they matter to you!

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