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Pixie Seedlings for Sale In Kenya Call 0715609418

Pangoni Online Marketing offers high-quality pixie citrus seedlings in Kenya, suited for both farm and home gardens. These seedlings promise a burst of flavor, financial gain, and are easy to maintain. Pixie citrus plants are drought-resistant, have a long shelf life, and are packed with vitamin C, meeting high demand in local and export markets. Customers have expressed satisfaction with their fruitful harvests and the delicious taste of the fruit. The seedlings cost KSH 200 each, which is considered a minimal investment for the potential lucrative returns. Orders can be placed via call or WhatsApp with secure MPESA payment, and the company ensures a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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Pixie Farming In Kenya: How to Succeed Doing it

Pixie citrus is a small, sweet, and flavorful fruit that is native to the Mediterranean region.
In Kenya, pixie citrus has gained popularity due to its delicious taste and numerous health benefits.
To start a successful pixie citrus farm in Kenya, farmers should choose a suitable location, obtain pixie citrus plants, plant and care for their trees, prune and train them, protect them from pests and diseases, and harvest and sell their fruit.
Marketing the farm is also important to attract customers and increase sales. Despite challenges such as pest and disease management and limited access to finance, pixie citrus farming can be a lucrative and rewarding business in Kenya.
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