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How Long Does Passion Fruit Take to Grow?

I get this question ALL the time.
People aspiring to become passion fruit farmers want answers to the question so that they can:
1. Determine whether passion fruit farming is worth trying,
2. Come up with a production plan,
3. Know how long, it will take before they get the first CASH from their hard work.
Based on my experience growing passion, it will take 8-16 months.
This may seem like a long time to wait, before you get your FIRST harvest.
But it is not.
I will explain to you the exact details for shortening this growth period…
So that you can start getting lots of passion fruits sooner.
And you’ll be surprised by the information contained here.
It is super juicy.
My bet is, “You won’t find it elsewhere on the internet.”
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Flower Abortion In Passion Fruit: How to Stop it Right Now

Passion fruits develop from flowers….

So when your passion plants abort or drop the flowers (without forming fruits) you should be very worried.

The good news is, “You can do something about it to stop or minimize passion flower drop or abortion.”

In this post we thus examine the causes of passion flower abortion, and the ways to stop it,

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