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How to Prune Watermelon for Profit

I clearly remember the first time I grew watermelon like yesterday.
When I remember how naïve I was…
I find myself almost shedding tears because I had to learn the hard way.
Before growing watermelon, I was growing maize, beans, sorghum, millet.
The crops above are wonderful crops.
In fact, you can make a decent living by growing them
However, all of them have once similarity.
If you carefully consider all the crops I have mentioned above, none of them requires pruning.
All of them produce handsome yields, if they get the right management—without any pruning.
So when I ventured into growing watermelon, I took the experience of growing beans, maize, sorghum and millet to watermelon.
And boy…I failed terribly.
None of the watermelon grew to be over 4 kilos.
Most of them were 3 kilos or less.
So I wondered…
How is it that other farmers are getting fruits weighing 9-15 kilos, while I can barely get fruits that weigh 4 kilos.
This outcome disturbed me for a long time.
I saw myself as a failure—and I almost vowed to never-ever grow watermelon again.
Check out this post to find out how pruning make me get big watermelon fruits

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How Many Watermelons Per acre? Answer for Great Profits Yields

How many watermelons per acre?
Thousands of people around the world ask this question all the time.
And this post is going to give the answer.
When I first began growing watermelon I faced the same problem.
I did not know how much watermelons to expect in an acre.
So I did some online research to find the right answer,
Unfortunately, there was too much conflicting information about the number of melons per acre.
Some info put the figure at 20,000 fruits per acre, others 10,000 and others 7,500 fruits.
“So… which is the right answer?” I wondered.
It is then that I realized to find it, “I’ll have to grow my own watermelon to find it.”
The good news is, I did just that…
…and today, I am sharing with you the results of my experiments, and the philosophy behind it.
Without wasting time—I will go straight to the point and answer the question.
“In one acre, you should have 2,500 watermelon plants.
When each plant produces 3 watermelons, you should have 7,500 watermelons per acre.
And for those guys who love calculating area in hectares, 1 hectare should have 18,375 watermelons.”
Check out this post to find out how I arrived at this watermelon population per acre!

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Watermelon PDF. Download Amazing PDF For Free Right Now

1. What is the right environment for watermelon?
2. Watermelon can yield up to…. tons/acre
3. Do these to choose the right variety to grow
4. 21 watermelon varieties in Kenya
5. The Best month to grow watermelon is….?
6. Watch out for these watermelon pests lest they destroy your fruits
7. How to prepare your land before planting watermelon
8. How to find buyers for your fruits
These questions and More are answered in this book.
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