Avocado Oil Benefits to Cyclists:

Just imagine you’ve ridden a bicycle for 30, 40 or even 50 kilometers.

As you were riding through the race or journey, the sun was hot, or the wind was strong or probably the weather was cold.

Do you see the picture?

Do you see yourself panting…sweating… and suffering pain?

This is what cyclists, and athletes face every day.

Their bodies not only suffer the stress of engaging an exhaustive activity, but also environmental induced stress.

After the hard activities, their body needs to recover.

Now, that is where avocados come in.

They speed up the recovery of cyclists and other athletes from pain, stiffness and aching joints. 

“How is this possible you may ask?”

Avocados contain special type of saponifiables that skyrocket the healing of over-stretched muscles and joint.

This special property of avocado make it a MUST have food in any athlete’s diet.

That’s not all.

It is a rich source of vitamin E.

You and I know the role of Vitamin E. 

By regularly eating avocado, your body will have sufficient amounts of vitamin E to protect you during hot sunny days from harmful Ultra-Violet rays.

Another thing is the amount of energy one serving of avocado contains.

Avocado are energy dense fruits. Eating 2 medium sized avocados will give you sufficient energy to complete a marathon.

I know this may sound unbelievable. 

To back up my claim, here below is a quote from a top cycling website:

Not too long ago, fat was a vilified enemy in our diets.

But now we know it’s an essential macronutrient for health and performance, and we are seemingly adding olive oil to everything we cook.

But you have a lot of options when it comes to which oil to use when making salad dressings, sizzling up a steak, or baking a batch of pocket muffins.

One trending choice is avocado oil. A favorite among the keto and paleo crowd, proponents say avocado oil is the do-it-all fat that should replace the vegetable oils in your life and maybe even unseat the olive variety as your go-to.

So high is the praise for avocado oil, you’d think that it can even lube your chain. (Definitely don’t use it for this purpose, though.) Wondering if it’s time to make an oil change? Read on to find out what the benefits of […]

In Conclusion:

Are there Avocado Oil Benefits to cyclists we’ve left out?

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