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Best Foliar Feeds for Beans in Kenya, How to Use The Right One

Uncover the secrets to thriving bean crops in Kenya with our comprehensive guide on the best foliar feeds. Boost growth, yield, and plant vitality with nutrient-rich solutions tailored to local conditions. From liquid seaweed extracts to chelated micronutrient formulas, explore the top recommendations to enhance your bean farming success. Maximize your harvest potential and achieve healthier, more resilient plants. Don’t miss out on this essential resource for bean farmers in Kenya.

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Yellow Beans Farming in Kenya: How to get Bumper Harvests.

The post provides an in-depth guide on yellow beans farming in Kenya. The writer shares practical knowledge drawn from personal experience and covers several aspects crucial to successful harvests including, proper timing, right seed quantity per acre, soil fertility, weed, pest and disease management. The emphasis is on how the right approach to these factors can lead to significantly profitable yields.

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Selective Herbicide for Beans in Nigeria: Check it out!

I’ve been getting lots of inquiries from Nigerians for the last 6 months on…
“Which selective herbicide for beans in Nigeria do they use.”
This is in response to a post that I wrote on beansclean herbicide in Kenya.
I embarked on a research that will blow you away if you are a Nigerian interested in a selective bean herbicide.
The research uncovered a herbicide similar to beansclean that you can find in your own country.
Check out this post for details,

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Herbicide For Beans In Kenya, USA & World: Weed Management In Beans

Do you want to grow beans and use herbicides for Weeding but you are not sure how to go about it?
This post is advice based on the personal experience of one bean farmer with herbicides.
He used Roundup (non selective herbicide) during land clearing and Bentazone (selective herbicide) after his beans had germinated.
He got amazing results that he couldn’t imagine.
This is his story…

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