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Kale Farming In Kenya


Kale Marketing in Kenya: Trends That Indicate Great Times ahead

Kale, known in Kenya as sukuma wiki, has become popular for its nutritional value, rich in vitamins and minerals. This blog post discusses marketing strategies and challenges for kale in Kenya, including direct sales and partnering with businesses, while acknowledging competition from imports. Emphasizing local kale's quality can overcome these challenges, maintaining its status as a key crop for Kenyan farmers.

Kale Seedlings for Sale in Kenya Ready for Transplanting

Are you searching for a suitable supplier for kale seedlings?
Do you need kale seedlings that you can use to:
1. Plant in your kitchen garden so that you can take advantage of the coming rains?
2. Start out your kale farm for commercial production?
3. Grow Sukuma wiki in sack, bag or gunia for your daily needs?
If that describes you, then you’ve come to the right place.
We have amazing Sukuma wiki and kale seedlings for your needs.
Check out this post today…

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Which Is The Best Fertilizer For Sukuma Wiki? Here’s The Answer

The use of fertilizers are absolutely necessary in kale production.
Without them you can only expect to get a fraction of the yields possible.
In fact, you can get 50% lower yields without fertilizer use.
Considering that fertilizers are mighty important, which fertilizer do you use on Kale?
This post examines just that!
It breaks down
1. The various stages of kale growth, and what nutrients they need at each stage.
2. Shows you where to buy the fertilizers at rock bottom prices so that you can make big savings.
3. And Much-much more.
Check out the post for all the details!

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Pesticides To Use On Sukuma wiki: Best Kale Pesticides

Pesticides are a major input that kale farmers cannot do without.

They have to use the most effective yet affordable pesticide if they are to succeed in Kale farming.

For that reason, I have compiled a list of 30+ pesticides and what they control.
This list will to help Kale farmers in their pest control efforts.
So of you are interested in growing sukuma wiki this will help you
1. Get more profit
2. Have high quality vegetables that are free of holes and other unsightly marks caused by insects
3. And much much more!
Check it out!

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Best Sukuma Wiki Varieties in Kenya: 5 Amazing Varieties

If you want to make GOOD MONEY in Sukuma wiki/Kale farming in Kenya, you’ve got to grow the right varieties.
This post outlines the 5 kale varieties in Kenya, their characteristics…
Suitability for your production area and much more.
Just by understanding the right sukuma wiki variety to grow, you already have 50% chance of success in Kale farming.
So don’t forget to read this post!

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How to Germinate Kale Seed the Easy and Profitable Way

One of the VITAL steps of growing kale or sukuma wiki is germinating its seed in a nursery.
Without succeeding in germinating kale you can forget about profitable kale production.
That’s why it is important to know how to germinate kale seed the proper way.
I remember the first time I tried germinating kale seed.
In the process, I experienced serious nursery diseases like damping off, mildews, and pests like cutworms.
These setbacks cut my profits, and increased my operating costs.
To save you from similar problems, in this post Haron talks about two approaches of germinating kale seed.
1. The old way that is prone to nursery diseases and pests
2. The modern way that uses less seed, saves energy and time.
Check out these two Kale germination techniques and how they matter to you!

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Kale Growing PDF: How to Grow Kale For Amazing Profit

Are you thinking of growing Kale and you do not know where to start?
Well, here is the most complete kale growing PDF available on the internet
From it you will learn:
How to grow kale at a profit even if you’ve never done it before.
Amazing ways to control troublesome kale pests like diamond back moth, cutworms, aphids, and other destructive pests that reduce the marketability of kale…and more

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Best Irrigation System For Kale/Sukuma wiki. How To Choose Score 90%

Best Irrigation System For Kale/Sukuma wiki. How To Choose

Have you ever wondered which is the best irrigation system for kale?
You aren’t alone.
I’ve wondered about it too.
The best irrigation system FOR KALE is one that will…
1. Save you labor,
2. Increase the yield per acre of kale/Sukuma wiki
3. Affordable yet effective.
In this post, Haron—a Sukuma wiki farmer with 15 years’ experience growing kale, explains which is the best irrigation system for kale.
His thoughts will surprise you.
He first starts by examining the growth characteristics of Kale before explaining why his preferred system of irrigating kale works like a charm. Check it out

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Yield Per Acre OF Sukuma Wiki/KALE: Amazing Way To get More

The yield per acre of Sukuma wiki is of great interest for all farmers for the YIELDS YOU GET determine profits.
That’s why I am writing this post.
In it, you’ll find all you need to know about kale yields, and what TO DO so that you grow kale for a profit.
As you read, you’ll be surprised to learn something simple as KALE SPACING plays a key role in determining your yields per acre.
You’ll also learn how a number of other things act together to influence the harvest you get per acre.
If you are tired of getting low kale yields…
Dig and read deep into this comprehensive article on yield increasing strategies of Sukuma wiki/kale.
You’ll be glad you did it!

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