A Horticulture Copywriter Can Help You...

Convert More Online Visitors into Customers Right Now!

Getting customers, through your website, should not be a difficult or frustrating experience.

In fact, it can be as simple as rowing downstream.

I know this claim may sound unbelievable, and perhaps even bordering on madness.

Nevertheless, if your marketing arsenal consists of an experienced horticulture copywriter, you can get customers effortlessly!

You can turn your website—and other online channels— into a customer acquisition machine.

I am saying this because I’ve seen it with my very own eyes.

I have witnessed how a copywriter can transform a website from a mere piece of online content into a lead generating tool.

Therefore, if you want to get more visitors, more leads, and more customers through your website, be sure to have a copywriter write your online content.

Meet Haron Mogeni, A professional copywriter who has over 10 years working in the horticulture and green industry.

He not only has experience in the horticulture industry, but also knowledge and the skill in using words that persuade.

For those reasons, he can use both industry and copywriting knowledge, to write powerful copy, unlike an ordinary writer.

If you want him to popularize your products, he will do it…

if you want him to write content that sells, that is his specialty, if you want him to create optimized web copy—that brings organic traffic, he will do it.

Whatever content you need, you’ll get it.

With a horticulture copywriter in your team, never again, will you worry about how or where to get leads, customers, or future sales.

Instead, they’ll come on autopilot.

Your online resources like website, social media or even YouTube channel will be your greatest assets rather than liabilities!

Why continue losing money and time on what doesn’t work?

Here are Our services

Pangoni Online marketing will use its vast horticulture copywriting experience to help you:

Fine-tune Your Online Marketing strategy

Finding a professional Horticulture copywriter who intimately knows the agricultural sector is challenging. It’s like searching for water on the moon’s surface. The good news is, “Today you have found him.” When you have such a copywriter, you’ll never struggle again to create an effective online marketing strategy. If you want excellent content that creates product awareness, he will do it. If you him to craft sales material—that makes products that fly off the shelves, he will do it. Whatever goal you have in mind, this experienced horticulture copywriter will help you align that goal with the content he creates. Why lose business and good money hiring a copywriter who knows little about your business?

Write Content That Converts Website Visitors to Customers

When you hire professional copywriting services, you get content that is specific to your horticulture business. Let’s say you sell high-quality driplines for greenhouse use. An experienced horticulture copywriter will create powerful marketing material related to driplines and nothing else. If you want the content to justify the cost of the driplines, he will deliver. If you want content that explains the simplicity of use of the driplines, he will provide. Whatever you ask for, you will get. Giving specific content won’t be difficult for him. Every time, he will deliver content that generates sales and saves you advertising dollars!

Develop SEO Strategies To market your Industry Website

 SEO tactics change every day due to changes in search engines algorithms, and it is easy for you and me to feel helpless about it. Everywhere you hear that this or that SEO tactic is doomed for failure, or recommended for business success. Nevertheless, SEO is a must if you want to get free organic traffic. That is where a horticulture copywriter specializing in the green industry comes in for you. He will use the right SEO strategies—that never fail— in your web copy so that search engines like Yahoo, Google, and others always find your pages easily!

Blogging and content management Services

 If you want to stay ahead of the competition, you cannot rely on a few static pages on your website that describe who you are, what you do, your location, or who your team.  You need more content— great content—if customers are to relate to your brand. To have such great content, you need to have some copywriting skills or hire a copywriter. That’s where we step in to help!

Google and Facebook ads Management Services

There is more to writing a winning ad than just using keywords and copy. For the ads to be effective, the ad ideas, the keywords, and the landing page must be properly synchronized. The keywords should make search engines to display the ads. After that, the ads must also persuade the customer to visit the landing page. Finally, the landing page must convert the visitor into a customer.

Auditing Of Horticultural Websites Services

We do a complete website marketing audit. This audit involves a careful examination of all the words and content on your web pages, and how you use keywords. By doing this, we can identify areas that we can improve to boost results, increase web traffic and skyrocket conversion rates.