Freelance Copywriting Service For The Horticulture Industry

Pangoni Online Marketing is a freelance horticulture copywriter service for businesses in the green industry. Companies in the horticulture, agro-chemical, irrigation, agro-processing and allied industries can rely on us for industry-specialized copywriting, online marketing technics & tips, Facebook page management, and Google AdWords services. You will find Pangoni Online Marketing a reliable partner, who will save you time, and money!

Haron Mogeni

Haron Mogeni is a copywriter specializing in the horticulture industry. He has 13 years in this industry.

We will deliver on our promise.

No marketing project is too hard for us. We are saying this because we have handled all manner of online marketing projects for horticulture and related industries. From Copywriting, Google AdWords Management, Website optimization and Facebook ads—we’ve done it. You can therefore confidently rely on us to provide amazing results for all your copywriting, pay per click advertising, and social media marketing needs—that will save you money and increase profits.

We assure you that not only will you receive exceptional copywriting, Facebook marketing, Google PPC marketing, landing page design and writing services, but also rare and useful information, tips, tricks, and strategies all designed to make you quickly attract traffic and customers through your website and other online platforms.


Get more customers and leads—easily and fast

If you’ve been having trouble connecting with customers, getting traffic, or even creating effective ads—contact us and that trouble will be over today. We will help you to optimize your website and your other marketing channels so that they become your most effective TOOLS in getting leads and customers. Once we work on your site, social media page or other online marketing channels, failing to attract customers will be a thing of the past. If you let me help, you will experience unimaginable levels of success in attracting leads and customers. Why wait for long? Don’t you want to see your website’s traffic skyrocket, your points increase, and your business prosper?

Achieve Your Online Marketing Goals Today with Pangoni Online Marketing.

I know that having an effective online marketing strategy is not easy. It’s a hard-tough job— even for experienced Horticulture copywriter like us. However, let me assure you that we do understand the complexity that businesses in the horticulture, nursery, agro-processing and allied industries face as they seek to make their websites, digital marketing material and online ads pay. We’ve thus designed our Online Marketing Services to make every dollar you spend on any of our services—pay very well.

Try our Online Marketing services today, and you will get more traffic, leads, and profit. Just leave your contact details below, and we will immediately send you a FREE and comprehensive GUIDE and a detailed proposal of how we transform your website and online marketing platforms. Why wait for long?

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