Digital marketing is One of the services we offer. This service enables horticultural businesses to attract massive amounts of customers for only cents!


With the help of Pangoni Online Marketing, you cut your digital advertising costs and reach more customers—than you currently do through online marketing. Therefore, if you are an agricultural business seeking cost-effective online advertising services we can help.

Here is our promise.

Whatever stage of advertising you are in, you’ll find us a knowledgeable and reliable companion. Whether you are a first time user of online advertising services, you’ll find our experience handy.

We perform where others disappoint. Unlike other companies that create ads that draw attention to themselves, we create ads that draw attention to a product. By doing so, our ads get CRAZY conversion rates—rates that are above the market average.

Finding difficulties in creating an effective digital marketing strategy? Don’t worry. Just outsource that service to us. We will polish your online marketing strategy, that you will blow your competition away.

Our Long Experience makes Us Suited to Any Digital Marketing Job

In Kenya, we’ve handled companies seeking different levels of Digital Marketing services. From companies that are beginners to those with moderate experience, to those that have a long stint in advertising.Therefore, whatever online advertising you have for us, consider it excellently done.

For the 5 years, we’ve been in business, our clients have found satisfaction in our work. During that time, some of our clients, cut their advertising cost tremendously while increasing the return on investment; others saw a massive increase in visitors to their blogs; while others conquered new markets. All our clients have a success story. I believe you too will have a positive story when we work with you. You’ll be glad you chose this company for your advertising needs.

Why struggle again to find the right digital marketing service? Why sweat to convey your brand message?

Be part of our customers who have recorded increased traffic… skyrocketed their Facebook page traffic… increased their website traffic. If your website has been getting 10 visitors a day, expect one hundred, if it has been getting 30 expect 150! —whatever numbers you’ve been getting, be sure that they will increase.

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