Thank you for your interest in our Facebook Marketing Service. We want to assure you that you will get the very best Facebook Advertising service available in Kenya and beyond.

As a company, we have distinguished ourselves by the quality of service and price we offer our clients. Every ad we create is thoroughly researched and tested to guarantee its success.

Our in-house Facebook ads team is highly trained and seasoned in all aspects of Facebook marketing.

When it comes to creating Facebook ads, we are unlike other companies. First, we have a dedicated team unrivaled in skill and experience. Second, have an unwavering commitment to every Facebook advertising job we undertake.

For every ad we create, the goal is to make it successful, and we go to all lengths to make it so. We will not rest until we make you succeed in Facebook advertising. Making you achieve your goals with Facebook advertising is not just an empty promise, but our iron-clad guarantee.

Therefore, if you decide to work with our experienced team, you can have confidence that you will get expect winning Facebook ads.

Our excellent Facebook marketing services are affordable. For ONLY cents you will get leads, drive traffic to your page and convert prospects into customers.

“How do we get results for you at rock bottom prices?” You may ask. To create Facebook Ads that attract and persuade customers, we’ve structured our Facebook advertising services in two phases: Ad Set up and ongoing optimization.

Phase 1: Facebook ads set up

This phase consists of 6 critical steps. These steps are so vital, to Facebook advertising success, that we follow them religiously. We do so because we noted that every advertising campaign that follows these steps becomes successful.

Step # 1 Audience research

Through experience, and work on thousands of ads, we’ve noted the choice of an audience—to advertise to— matters so much. In fact, I can confidently state that the entire success of any Facebook ad campaign hangs on it.  That is why we put particular emphasis on audience choice. If you choose the right audience, your ads will pay very well. If you select the wrong audience, you’ll burn money like rocket fuel.

Sadly, most businesses find choosing the right audience the most challenging part of Facebook advertising. They don’t know whom to look for, or what interests and demographics to target. Consequently, they end up losing BIG money by advertising to a wrong audience.

Why lose money advertising to an audience that will never become customers when we are here for you?

If you’ve found yourself unable to choose the right audience, don’t worry. You are not alone. In the past—when we were new to Facebook advertising, we faced a similar problem. We struggled with audience choice for so long then finally found out the secrets of choosing the right Facebook audience. Since then, we sought to help businesses like yours with our expertise—so that they can save money and time.

As we speak, right NOW we’ve become masters of audience research. You can also become an expert at, but it will take you many days of trial and error. By choosing us to do it for you, you’ll save yourself stress and failure.

We are just a phone call away.

Step #2: Ad copywriting images and copy

Another crucial element of Facebook advertising is the choice of pictures and use of advertising copy. We deeply understand the power of words & pictures in the sales process, and its impact on Facebook of advertising.

Carefully, we’ll select the words and images for the Facebook ads we manage. Also, allow me to say that we can convey solutions to any target audience. From this service alone you will get an UNDUE advantage over your competitors. Your ads to have a high relevance score, click through rate thus lowering your advertising costs substantially.

Step #3 Landing page design, layout and copywriting.

After the ad attracts attention and directs the prospect to the landing page, the landing page is to close the sale. For the landing page seal the deal, it should be equally persuasive and attractive as the ad.

Step #5 Conversion tracking

We will correctly install tracking codes to your website so that you can accurately measure the number of leads and sales so that we can find ways of making the deals better. Advertisers who track their conversions correctly can know their return on investment and which ads are profitable.

Step # 6 Campaign set up and settings.

The last step in phase 1 of Facebook advertising is campaign set up and settings. In this step, we will verify whether the correct settings are in place so that they conform to the requirements of quality ads.

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