Rambo F1 seed

“What is the right spacing for Rambo F1 tomato?”

Farmers ask this question all the time.

Based on my experience growing the Rambo F1 variety, I recommend that you space the seedlings at 75 cm inter row and 1 meter intra row.

Sorry if the spacing jargon is difficult to understand.

What I mean is you should space 75 cm from one plant to another.

And from one row to another 100 cm (1 Meter).

Here’s Why the Rambo Variety Needs That Space

  1. The tomato variety is highly vigorous.

If it is well fed, it can grow as high as 1 meter or even taller.

It will also have side branches that will require much space.

Therefore, adopting a spacing that is smaller than this will create congestion of the tomato plants.

  1. You’ll need to create space for staking your Rambo F1 plants.

Too close spacing will mean that it will be difficult to sake the plants.

This will make the plants prone to injury as you do your staking.

  1. Too close spacing will make work like spraying, weeding, pruning a pain. You’ll be rubbing against the plant leaves leading to defoliation, or against the fruits leading to fruit drop.
  2. Large wide spacing is also not good. Why? You’ll be losing space that you would have used to generate money!

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