Which is the best month to grow watermelon?

This is a question first time watermelon farmers often ask themselves.

They want to know the answer to the question… so that they can get the most returns from watermelon farming.

Arm yourself with this answer and you’ll never regret growing watermelon.

Which is the best month to Grow watermelon in Kenya

Step 1: How to Know the Best Month to Grow Watermelon

All you do is to know the month when the market demand for watermelon is highest.

So how do you know the months when the market demand is highest?

  1. Ask watermelon sellers within your area when they experience challenges getting watermelon to sell.
  2.  Visit the major market outlets like city market, Wakulima market, Marikiti market and Githurai market and ask the brokers when the demand is highest.
  3. Conduct an online search of the local dailies talking about the times/seasons when there is a shortage of watermelon.

Step 2: Start Working backwards.

To get to this stage, I am assuming that you’ve through stage 1.

You’ve armed yourself with info on the seasons/months of shortage—when watermelon demand is the highest.

Once you know month(s) that have greatest demand for watermelon, start working the planting month backwards.

Let me explain:

Suppose you anticipate the peak demand will be in the month of February.

Now, we know watermelon takes approximately 80 days to grow and mature.

So, to arrive on the planting month, count 80 days backwards from the end of February.

When we do that, we find that mid-December is the most reasonable time to grow watermelon.

(Please note this is just a guideline of how to arrive at the best planting time for watermelon)

Use it to accurately determine a solution that fits you.

NB Important Facts about watermelon demand in Kenya:

In Kenya, watermelons fetch good prices during the dry months. 

These months happen to be September, October, November, December, January, February, and March.

There’s also demand for watermelon during the other months, but it is suppressed due to rain, or cold weather.

The long rains in April to May, in Kenya negatively affects the demand of watermelon.

We have cold weather in Nairobi and its environs During the months of June and July, thus suppressing the demand of watermelon.

That said, don’t produce watermelons blindly. Do a little research on the months that you are likely to make the most profit.

What are your thoughts on this?